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Kinect Sports is an upcoming video game for Xbox 360 that uses the Kinect peripheral. The game is being developed by Rare and is expected to be one of 16 titles launching alongside the peripheral. The game allows multiple players to engage in six different motion-controlled sports, with many challenges for each experience. It includes a Sports Party mode that allows one to compete against a friend, rally a whole room full of players into teams.[1]

Sports Included

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Ten-pin bowling played from a first-person perspective. You can take part either in a solo game, two-player competitive match or a selection of challenge modes.

Three-round matches for one or two players, either split-screen or over Xbox Live.

A selection of track and field events, all taking place at the Flame Stadium. Possible to play as a pentathlon.

Play solo or doubles matches at the Blade Centre. There are also a selection of challenge modes.

Football can be played solo against a computer-controlled team, with two players (co-operative or competitive) or in one of the skill-based challenge modes.

Supports solo play against a computer-controlled team, or two players (co-operative or competitive) either split-screen or over Xbox Live.


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