After completing the Pretentious Artist mini-quest, the artist will draw your portrait, and give you a nice new tattoo. For the artist to consider drawing your image, however, you must wear specific outfits. You can't expect a Pretentious Artist to draw your portrait in the filth you have on now, can you?

The Pretentious Artist can be found in the Dirt-Walled Hovel of the Pretentious Artist, on the Wrong Side of the Tracks, in Town.

Not only will the number of tattoos collected be tabulated as an achievement in your quest log, but you may also display one tattoo on your avatar at any given time, through the options page.

Certain tattoos, however, can only be obtained through other means, for example, through certain ascensions - others were granted to those who were just plain special.

Class Tattoos

Class tattoos are unlocked simply for being the class when completing the Pretentious Artist mini quest.

KoL classtat
  • Seal Clubber
  • Turtle Tamer
  • Pastamancer
  • Sauceror
  • Disco Bandit
  • Accordion Thief

Outfit Tattoos

Outfit Tattoos are unlocked after visiting the Pretentious Artist dressed in the appropriate outfit.

KoL outfittat
  • 8-Bit Finer
  • Bounty-Hunting Rig
  • Clockwork Apparatus
  • eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear
  • Furry Suit
  • Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit
  • OK Lumberjack Outfit
  • Swashbuckling Getup
  • Time Trappings
  • Antique Arms And Armor
  • Bow Tux
  • Crimbo Duds
  • Filthy Hippy Disguise
  • Glad Bag Glad Rags
  • Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
  • Palmist Paraphernalia
  • Tapered Threads
  • Tropical Crimbo Duds
  • Arboreal Rainment
  • Bugbear Costume
  • Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform
  • Frat Boy Ensemble
  • Gnauga Hides
  • Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise
  • Radio Free Regalia
  • Terrifying Clown Suit
  • War Hippy Fatigues
  • Blacl Armaments
  • Cloaca-Cola Uniform
  • Encephalic Ensemble
  • Frat Warrior Fatigue
  • Grass Guise
  • Mining Gear
  • Star Garb
  • Terrycloth Tackle
  • Yendorian Finery

Ascension Tattoos

One can also obtain many tattoos based on the met specifications of ascension. As far as ascensions goes, only the first twelve of each type actually reward with tattoos.

  • Normal Ascension
  • Hardcore Ascension

KoL normalascKoL hardcoreasc

  • Hardcore Class Ascension (Sparkling Class Tattoos for completing a hardcore ascension in that class)

KoL hcsc tatKoL hctt tatKoL hcp tat.gifSaucererKoL hcdb tatKoL hcat tat

  • Hardcore Class Oxygenarian Ascension (Super Sparkling Tattoos for completing a hardcore ascension in that class)

KoL hcosc tatKoL hcott tatKoL hcop tatKoL hcos tatKoL hcodb tatKoL hcoat tat

And finally, the tattoos for completing a path in hardcore ascension

KoL pathtat
  • Teetotaler
  • Boozetafarian
  • Oxygenarian

Other Tattoos

KoL misctat
  • Pretentious Artist Tattoo, reward for completing the Pretentious Artist quest.
  • Martini Tattoo, chance reward for drinking a martini.

Lastly, there are extremely rare tattoos, rewarded to individuals due to KoL dedication, many through actually getting a real life tattoo. It has been announced that no further tattoos will be rewarded for real life tattoos.

KoL indtat
  • Bunny
  • Cutter
  • Daisy
  • Bonerdragon
  • Tehclub

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