Magical Kingdom

The Kingdom of Zeal is a place in the game Chrono Trigger that existed in 12,000 BC. Zeal appears as a series of green, paradise-like, floating islands. They reign high above the Ice Age world of cavemen below, enjoying their magic, prosperity, and peace.

The residents of Zeal are all magic users. They look down on the primitive, non-magic users below. Notable residents of Zeal include Schala, Magus, Queen Zeal and Dalton.

When the power-mad Queen Zeal uses the Mammon Machine to harness the power of Lavos, Lavos gets angry and destroys Zeal, as well as the visiting Crono, and absorbs Schala when she stays behind. The once great kingdom falls to the ground, and the proud magic users are forced to live among the ordinary people below in their settlements. This is thought to be the beginning of the loss of wide spread magic use.

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