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"Kiss Me Good-Bye" is the third single by Japanese singer Angela Aki, and is the theme song of Final Fantasy XII. It was written by Aki, composed by Nobuo Uematsu and arranged by Kenichiro Fukui. Although the title version of the single is in Japanese, the version included in the game is sung in English. The single was released on March 15, 2006. The song peaked at number six on the Oricon charts.

On May 16, 2006, Aki released an English version of the single as a digital single under the title "Kiss Me Good-Bye [EP]" in North America through Tofu Records.

Track listing

Japanese Track List
No. Title Length
1. "Kiss Me Good-Bye (Japanese Version)"   5:13
2. "Santa Fé"   4:59
3. "青い影 (Aoi Kage) (A Whiter Shade of Pale) Cover"   4:49
4. "Kiss Me Good-Bye (Featured in Final Fantasy XII)"   4:58
North American Track List
No. Title Length
1. "Kiss Me Good-Bye"   4:58
2. "Santa Fé"   4:59
3. "Eyes On Me"   4:31
4. "Kiss Me Good-Bye (Japanese Version)"   5:13


Kiss Me Good-bye - Oricon Sales chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak position Sales total Chart run
March 15, 2006 Oricon Daily Singles Chart #4
March 15, 2006 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart[1] #6 27,566 18 weeks

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