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Kizuato (?, lit. Scar) is a Japanese visual novel originally released on July 26, 1996 by Leaf.


Template:Copyedit The university student, Koichi Kashiwagi(柏木 耕一) goes to his cousins for his father's funeral. After the funeral, he stays with them because he is on summer vacation. During the vacation, he has recurring nightmares.見知らぬフローリングの床にうずくまり、 and holding down the strong homicidal impulse surfacing from deep within his psyche.

One day, in his dream, Koichi finally succumbs to the homicidal impulse and slaughters a person violently. But next day,the news reports the event of a violent homicide in the park where Koichi committed the murder in his dream...


  • Kashiwagi, Koichi(柏木 耕一)
  • Kashiwagi, Chizuru(柏木 千鶴)
  • Kashiwagi, Azusa(柏木 梓)
  • Kashiwagi, Kaede (柏木 楓)
  • Kashiwagi, Hatsune(柏木 初音)
  • Gensabrou Nagase(長瀬 源三郎)
  • Yanagawa, Yuya(柳川 裕也)
  • Hiyoshi, Kaori (日吉 かおり)
  • Aida, Kyoko(相田 響子)
  • Koide, Yumiko(小出 由美子)


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