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Koala Lumpur: Journey To The Edge is software company Brøderbund's first comedy adventure video game released for the PC in 1997. The name of the lead character is a pun on Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.


The game centres around a Zen Master koala named Koala Lumpur and his friend, a dingo named Dr. Dingo Tu-Far in their quest to prevent the apocalypse caused by Koala Lumpur's mistaken utterance of a mystic incantation. To perform this feat, Koala and Dr. Dingo must collect pieces of the lost scroll of cartoon prophesies spread out over four stages;

  • Search for Dr. Dingo
  • Land of lost things
  • Stream of consciousness
  • Eye in the sky

The style of the game is wacky from start to finish, for example, Koala Lumpur stores any items picked up in his seemingly bottomless fez, and the cursor of the mouse is a fly which at several points must be flown into Dr. Dingo's brain.

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