Kool-Aid Man is a game released for the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision. It was created as a promotional piece for Kool-Aid drink products.


All that is required of the player in Kool-Aid Man is to move. The Thirsties want a drink and the player has to bump into them when they go to drink out of your pool. If the player touches a Thirstie whom is not drinking your pool, he will be bounced away. So to win, the player needs to give drink to about 30 Thirsties. The player loses by running out of time OR running out of pool. Getting 30 Thirsties takes the player to a faster stage. The pool is technically a lifebar for Kool-Aid Man. The party's over if the pool is drained, and that is exactly what the Thirsties want: the pool's water.