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Kudos: Rock Legend is a spinoff of the game Kudos. Unlike the previous Kudos game, however, this game allows you to start your own rock/pop band. You start by picking a band name and its members. When the game begins, however, you start off with very little money and no band members except for yourself as the lead vocalist.


The player begins as a vocalist with ambitions for becoming a rock star, setting a personal goal of achieving this in five years. The player then must hold auditions for other bandmates, including a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist (required to continue), as well as a keyboardist, and a saxophone player (optional) the player must write enough songs to fill a "setlist" allowing him to play "gigs" at a first limited but later expanded number of venues. Once a sufficient number of songs have been written, and enough money has been made, the player can create an album which can be sold a gigs, along with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and posters, for additional profit. Although the game is either won or lost after five years, gameplay is allowed to continue after that.

What You May Want To Know

= If you're band members get demotivated enough they'll quit.

= Remember, If you need money you can sell property, such as your vehicle, stage effects, and lights.

= Save selling as a last resort because you get $2.00 every day, per band member.

= You get new song ideas from rival bands. The main purpose of rival bands is to provide inspiration.

= After a while band members will get tired of songs.

= You can write your own songs.

Complaints from authors

You don't get to listen to your music.

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