Kung Fu Chaos (or Kung Fu Panic in Japan) is a 3D third-person platform game developed by Just Add Monsters and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released for the Xbox on February 25, 2003 in the U.S.A.

Plot Edit

Kung Fu Chaos often breaks the fourth wall. The entire game is about the player controlling a selection of characters making a kung-fu film. The actions of these characters are then processed as films and the player can watch them. Although the game is centered around a classic kung-fu film, it has certain characters and levels that do not belong in a martial arts film (such as a city under attack by aliens).

Characters Edit

  • Master Sho Yu
An elderly martial arts master.
  • Ninja Fu Hiya
A blue ninja. Prized possession is his signed poster of Bruce Lee.
  • Monkey
A parody of the Monkey King from Journey to the West. Became immortal after urinating on the Mountain king's favorite tablecloth.
*Lucy Cannon
A parody of blaxploitation heroes such as Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones. Prized possession is Babydoll, her shotgun.
  • Xui Tan Sour
A young female martial artist who seeks to avenge her parents, who were killed by members of a rival circus, parodying the idea that in martial arts films, the hero/heroine is avenging their families death from a rival, often a rival clan..
  • Chop & Styx
A samurai and baby pair that parodies Lone Wolf and Cub.
  • Candi Roll
A roller-skating blond bombshell.
  • Captain Won Ton
An overweight luchadore. Wrestler by day, justice avenger by rest of the day.
  • Shao Ting
The film's loud and obnoxious director. He also serves as the final boss of the game. He sees himself as a womanizer, and after creating "Kung Fu Chaos" the Movie, with no plot whatsoever, he create an experimental art film where he runs around naked for two hours chased by zombie nurses.




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