The moon has gone away. Two bunnies set out to find the moon so that they can have their yearly moon festival. The bunnies are given "crowns" as a sign of their courage.


The main game is viewed from top perspective with a split screen one bunny in each. In single player game the player controls both bunnies and in 4 player mode two players control one character on same controller. In the game the player/s race to goal avoiding traps, enemies and environmental hazards like water and pits. The player/s lose time when something bad happens i.e. touch enemies and fall into pit. There are puzzles that slow progress which usually requires other bunnys help. Included in levels are clocks that can be collected to gain more time and puzzle pieces which open secret stage when every piece has been collected. In versus mode up to 4 players compete collecting moons, stars and race to finish line.


The game has been remade for Nintendo DS as Cookie & Cream. It changed gameplay by having one of the bunnies do something else and to complete the task the player has to play all sorts of minigames.