Chapter 1: Negotiations

Use the Force on the door highlighted green for Qui-Gon Jinn or blue for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fight the battle droids that appear. Go straight then right to fight more and destroy the bomb-like objects blocking your way.

Turn into the droid, TC-14 and unlock the door ahead. Then, go into the door unlocked. On the first row of force studs, use the force on the first one and a TC-14 door will be ready to build. Build it and unlock the door.

Use the force on the door of the next room and fight the droids. Then go past and jump down and fight more droids. When the destroyer droids arrive here is a cheat to kill them quicker. Double jump hit their shield, then hit them three times each. Use the force on the door and double jump on it.

Wait for your Co-Op friendly Player 2 to do the same or wait for your computer player to jump, then step on the red buttons, before the battle droids arrive. After you kill the droids and step on the buttons, the blue shield will be unlocked and TC-14 can get by. Unlock the droid door and go into the ship.

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