Designer(s) Hasbro

Publisher(s) Milton Bradley Company
Release Date 1991

Number of Players 2-6 players
Age Range 9 to Adult
Setup Time 5 minutes

Playing Time 1 hour
Rules complexity Medium
Strategy depth Low

Random chance High

Skills required {{{skills}}}
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LIFE or The Game of Life is a board game produced by Milton Bradley Company that simulates life from adulthood to retirement. The goal of the game is to retire with the most money.

At the start of the game the player can choose to enter college or immediately start working. There is advantages and disadvantages to both: if you go to college you must borrow money but when you graduate you have a larger choice of careers that potentially pay more.

Players travel the board in a miniature car and eventually must stop to get married and buy a house. Over the course of the game players will have children, change jobs, pay taxes, and encounter pitfalls and windfalls that generally occur in life. Players also have the option of taking out loans which must be repaid with interest, buying home and automobile insurance to minimize the cost of some pitfalls, and buying stocks that pay out when any player's spin points to the same number as their stock card.

Some spaces on the board allow you to collect LIFE tiles that are kept face down until the end of the game. Each tile describes a special achievement such as "Compose a Symphony", and gives a monetary reward. When all the players reach retirement they may choose to retire at either "Countryside Acres" or "Millionaire Estates". Four LIFE tile are reserved at "Millionaire Estates" for the player with the most cash. If more than one player chooses to retire there, the players must add up their cash and the one with the most gets the last four LIFE tiles.

The winner is the player with the highest LIFE tile value and cash value.

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