LOGOS cards
Designer Florian Kraner, Darien Caldwell
Players 2
Age range 18+
Playing time 45 min
Random chance Some
Skills required Arithmetic
Basic Reading Ability

LOGOS cards is a collectible card game developed for Second Life. The game was first conceptualized by Florian Kraner in 2008. Development began in earnest early 2009 with the addition of Darien Caldwell to the creative team. The full game was released on July 1, 2010.


LOGOS is played by two players. Both of them each start with 100.000 Hit Points and it is their objective to reduce the Hit Points of their opponent to 0 first. They do so by battling with cards that follow a Rock Paper Scissor principle. It is played in Second Life using a HUD. It consists of two SL items that have to be worn and will add a display of the hand dealt to you as well as some other elements to the screen.


LOGOS makes use of Googles App Engine, which allows the Second Life game to be enhanced by a website interface that allows players to edit card decks and more for no cost.


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