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Laban is a desert world with sea upon sea of scorching hot iron oxide wearing away marbleized cliffs. Its atmosphere is thick and layered with oxygen trapped under an upper helium layer. Initially, surveyors detected traces of iridium from orbit, only to find a surprising discovery -- the iridium came from bunkers on the surface, blown apart by a dreadnought-class weapon.

The logical conclusion was that the civilization on Joab has reached Laban, and its outposts here were destroyed to make their extermination complete.

Facts about "Laban"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure14.91 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length24.3 Earth Years +
DisplayNameLaban +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameLaban +
NamePageLaban +
NamesLaban +
Orbital Distance0.6 AU +
Orbital Period0.5 Earth Years +
PageNameLaban +
PageTypeElement +
Radius7,658 km +
Surface Gravity1.8 G +
Surface Temperature657.15 K (384 °C, 723.2 °F, 1,182.87 °R) +

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