Mary's Adult Form

Game Series Devil May Cry series
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3
Alter Ego: Lady
Affiliation: Dante
Occupation: Demon hunter
Position: Merc , Creditor & Handler
Species: Human (priestess lineage)
Family: Arkham (Father)
Fighting Style: Presumably Gunslinger
Weapon(s): Kalina Ann
Skill(s): Marksman , Engineering , Amateur athletic ability & Intel
Voice Actor(s): Fumiko Orikasa (anime)
Trademark: Heterochronogetic

" My name .. Is Lady "


Lady is the daughter of a priestess (mother) , her father sacrificed her mother to help himself become a cambion. This fueled Lady's hatred for all demonkind ; This is why she revoked being known as Mary (her birthname) as she wants to forget about her former life.

Physical Description

Lady has short hair and is heterochronogetic like her father , her assigned color is white . She has a flush skin tone. She has a voluptuos physique as an adult.


Before getting revenge on Arkham , Lady was distraught ; afterwards as an adult she is easygoing and fun loving.

Appearance in video games

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 4

Appearance in other media

The Devil May Cry Anime

The Devil May Cry Manga

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