Laplace no Ma (ラプラスの魔 Rapurasu no Ma?, literally "Laplace's demon") is a Japanese computer game released in 1987 for the NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801 and Sharp X68000.[1] The game was also ported to MS-DOS, the SNES and TurboGrafx-CD. This game is a mixture of the CRPG and survival horror genres and set in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts in a town called "Newcam", it is modeled on fictional city Arkham created by H. P. Lovecraft.

The horror part of the game lies in the exploration of the fictional Weathertop Mansion, whose owner dabbled in black magic. The game's CRPG features include its character classes: Dilettante, Medium, Detective, Scientist, and Journalist, and the fact that the player can leave the mansion and walk around the town to go to shops to buy things needed to defeat the monsters and complete the game.


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