Leaderz is a rock, paper, scissors, turn-based strategy computer game. It was developed by Suntastic Software in 2005. It is for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The two main strategic features of this game are the extension to rock, paper, scissors and the scoring system. The computer version of this game also has team / player v. player play, a tournament, and behavioural AI.

Weighted top-all scoring system

In many strategic games, the goal of the game is to completely eliminate the opponents, or to force them into surrender. In games in which total wins do not occur or are rare enough, the scoring system is the one to separate players.

Depending on whether the points are awarded independently of other player's results or not, scoring systems for TBS games are divided into weighted (relative) and not weighted (fixed). The weighting is usually characteristic to the game. Depending on when are the player's achievements considered, scoring systems for TBS games are divided into at end and every n rounds.

In the game of Leaderz, there are 4 different categories in which one could score: population size, economy level, reputation level, and number of attacks against the opponents. Leaderz employs a weighted top-all scoring system every 5 rounds, which means that points are attributed at the end of each 5 rounds, with players receiving a score relative to their best performance so far, weighted against the others'.

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