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Left 4 Dead
Developer(s) Valve & Turtle Rock Studios
Publisher(s) Valve
Engine Source Engine
Release date Steam:
November 18, 2008
Retail & Xbox 360:
November 18, 2008 (NA)
November 21, 2008 (EU)
Genre Survival horror
Mode(s) 1-8 players (4 survivors + 4 infected)
Age rating(s) ESRB: M
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox 360
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Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer co-operative survival horror first-person shooter game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Valve. The game has been built using Valve's Source Engine and is available on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox 360. It has a sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 released October 17, 2009.

Left 4 Dead pits four human playable or AI controlled survivors of an apocalyptic pandemic against hordes of aggressive Infected. The Survivors' goal is to help each other make it through various scenarios to safety. The Infected are controlled by an AI that dynamically balances difficulty and mood depending on the players' progress and situation. In an alternate game mode, human players can control up to four mutated Boss Infected with special abilities and cooperate to stop the Survivor players.

Left 4 Dead was released November 18, 2008 in the United States and November 21, 2008 in Europe to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the release of Half-Life. A demo was be available in early November for Windows and Xbox 360 users.

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