Left 4 Dead 2 is an first-person shooter videogame developed and published by Valve Corporation


The New Special Infected


The Charger is an extremely strong, extraordinarily fast and aggressive creature; it is an attempt to defeat the players tactics of grouping together in a corner and destroying the main game's aim of tension. At a glance, it appears to be an undeveloped Tank creature, due to the deformed face, massive Hulk-sized arm and a hump that makes the Charger appear bulky. However, there are some differences; the Charger is considerably faster than a Tank, although lacking it's sheer brutality and power. The Charger can also leap large distances and leave the player and/or their allies helpless. However, the Charger cannot sustain the same amount of damage as a Tank, and are a lot more numerous. The Charger attacks by charging at the survivor with his large arm and smashing the survivor until the surivor is dead or the charger is dead.


The Jockey is a small special infected that attacks survivor by jumping on their back and riding them. He can use his weight to lead the survivor to dangerous places like a cliff, witch or other infected. The Jockey seem to have a spinal diseases giving him the hunched appearance.

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