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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 dead 2
Type Video Game
Store Links Steam
Franchise Left 4 Dead
Engine(s) [[Source (engine)|Source]][[Engine::Source| ]]
Genre(s) First-person ShooterSurvival Horror
Release Platform(s) Microsoft WindowsXbox 360Mac OS XGNU/Linux
Digital Platform(s) Steam

Language Details
Interface Language(s) Flag of the United States Flag of Denmark Flag of the Netherlands Flag of Finland Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Italy Flag of Japan N/A Flag of Poland Flag of Portugal Flag of Russia Flag of the People's Republic of China Flag of Spain Flag of Sweden Flag of the Republic of China Flag of Hungary Flag of Turkey

Full Audio Language(s) Flag of the United States Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of Spain

Release Date(s)

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Left 4 Dead 2 is an first-person shooter videogame developed and published by Valve Software


New infected characters

The Charger
This infected is a extremely strong, extraordinarily fast and aggressive creature; it is an attempt to defeat the players tactics of grouping together in a corner and destroying the main game aim of tension. At a glance it appears to be an undeveloped Tank creature, due to the deformed face, massive Hulk-sized arm and a hump that makes the Charger appear bulky. However, there are some differences; like the Charger is considerably faster than a Tank, although lacking the sheer brutality and power of a Tank, the Charger can leap distances and leave the player or his allies helpless. However, the Charger can't sustain the same amount of damage as a Tank, and are a lot more common. The charger will attack you but can be a little dumb witted at times. If you go to a window you can take one to that with a fall and it will go out of the window and kill it's self.
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The Hunter: As seen in left 4 dead,The Hunter can be an agile and stealthy foe.When in his crouching stance he is heard throughout the distance of the area the AI or Player is.As he is in this position it takes nearly a second for his speacil attack to charge up and he is ready to pounce.Found in his new appearance his hood is now black,smuthered in blood even though he doesn't attack survivors often or unless the player(s) "cast" as him,also just as the SMOKER he has need found lumps and has developed scars and blood coming from his face.

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