Lips: Number One Hits is a karaoke video game for the Xbox 360 console, and the follow-up to the 2008 title Lips. Like its predecessor, the game was developed by iNiS and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released on October 20, 2009 in North America and October 23 in Europe and received generally average reviews. Spin-offs of the game have also been released, including Lips: Deutsche Partyknaller and Lips: Canta en Español.

Lips: Number One Hits features the use of motion-sensitive microphones, which is also compatible with other music video games such as The Beatles: Rock Band[1]. The game is sold separately, and in packages including one and two microphones.

Each copy of Lips: Number One Hits includes a redemption code for downloading one of three 5-song track packs for free.[2]

Gameplay Edit

Number One Hits remains with the core of its patched predecessor, while offering some new features:

  • Scoring has been enhanced to include a streak multiplier, much like Rock Band.
  • Awardable achievements.
  • Unlockable clothes and accessories for Xbox Live avatars.[3]

Soundtrack Edit

See List of songs in Lips: Number One Hits.

The Lips: Number One Hits song list consists solely of songs that have reached the number one position on major global charts[4]. In addition to this, players with a Lips save data on their hard drive will be able to select songs from the first game via a hot swap feature. 40 master tracks are included on disc in Number One Hits. Coldplay's Viva la Vida is featured as this game's theme song.

Downloadable content for both games is also confirmed to be cross-compatible between both Lips titles. Some DLC do not carry over from Lips to Lips #1 hits.

Reception and LegacyEdit

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 71% (based on 15 reviews)[5]
Metacritic 69% (based on 21 reviews)[6]
Review scores
Publication Score N/A
Game Informer N/A/10
GameSpot N/A/10
IGN 7.5/10[7]
Official Xbox Magazine 7/10

Lips: Number One Hits received average reviews, slightly better than reviews given to the original Lips. Reviewers noted great improvements in gameplay and scoring, and the inclusion of avatars throughout the game. Negative feedback stemmed from long menu load times, disc swapping between Lips titles, and the number of new achievements.

Following the release of Lips: Number One Hits, two additional titles were released specifically for European audiences. Lips: Deustche Partyknaller was released October 30, 2009 with 40 popular German songs. Lips: Canta en Español was released November 13, 2009 with 35 Spanish tracks.

On December 2009, Lips: Party Classics was announced, offering 40 new tracks popular from karaoke venues. It is scheduled to release in Spring 2010.[8]


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