A planet that is populated with humans, anthromophic animals, and aliens. A person who is a citizen of the planet is refer to as a Hillyan. About three quarters of the Beyond Good & Evil game take place on this planet.

Black Isle

An isle that once had an active mine but is now abandon and populated with various creatures. This isle survives as a training ground by the IRIS Network who want to recrute new members by testing their survival skills.


An isle located off of the city. Own by Pey'j who runs an orphanage for kids who lost their own parents from the DomZ invasions.

Mammago Garage

An auto-repair shop run by Rhino humanoids located offcoast of the Lighthouse. It is an artificial island own by Mamma himself. They sell additional parts for hovercrafts as well as snacks. They are one of the few businesses that use pearls for currency as well as units.


The moon that orbits Hillys also has a lunar base own by Alpha Sections which is secretly the hoard of all DomZ.

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