This list comprises the entire Pump it Up catalog of released music video games. This list does not contain beta, demo, bootlegged, spinoffs (such as Pump It Up Pro), or unreleased games.

Pump it Up: The Ultimate Remix [1st Dance Floor] (Arcade - Korea)

Released: October 1999

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Double, Nonstop Remix, Battle

The first version released. Features 15 normal songs, and 4 nonstop remixes.

From this version, songs that became particularly popular were "Funky Tonight", by the Korean pop group Clon, and "Another Truth" (also known as "Cordiality"), by Novasonic. "Funky Tonight" is one of the most used songs for freestyling.

2nd Dance Floor (Arcade - Korea)

Released: December 1999

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Double, Nonstop Remix, Nonstop Remix Double, Battle

The second release, featuring 4 old songs, an old remix, 17 new songs and 6 new remixes. The same interface from the first version is used, and one of the new nonstop remixes is hidden and can only be found with special codes.

To play the Nonstop Remix songs in double, a special code is needed when selecting the Nonstop Remix mode.

The Fusion / 1st & 2nd Dance Floor (PC - Korea)

Released: December 1999

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Double, Nonstop Remix, Nonstop Remix Double, Battle

The first home version; there are no arcade counterparts for this one. It includes songs from the 1st and 2nd and 3rd releases, summing up 43 songs and 16 nonstop remixes.

This acts as a preview of the 3rd OBG.

3rd Dance Floor / O.B.G. (Oldies But Goodies) (Arcade/PC - Korea)

Released: May 2000

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Crazy, Double, Nonstop Remix (single/double), Battle

The first version which offered Crazy mode, though a special code was needed to enable it. The code also has effect on Nonstop Remix, but cancels out the effect of the Nonstop Remix Double code if used.

Having a completely renewed song list, this release brought back to life many well-known Korean hits from the 90's. The Banya songs, although new, were also Korean-90's-styled. Only 2 songs from a total of 23 were from older versions, and both came with new harder stepcharts: Extravaganza and Another Truth (this one also had a new BGA). The 7 remixes included the hidden remix from 2nd Dance Floor (which was no longer hidden), also with a whole new stepchart.

3rd O.B.G. SE (Season Evolution) (Arcade/PC - Korea)

Released: September 2000

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Crazy, Double, Nonstop Remix (single/double), Battle

Apart from songs, there isn't much new in this version. Same interface as the previous version. The majority of the new songs in SE were summer-based.

14 songs and a single nonstop remix were added, as well as several songs from previous mixes.

The Collection (Arcade - Korea)

Released: November 2000

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Double, Nonstop Remix (single/double), Battle

A new "collection" release, which packs all previously released songs (except for SE's secret song) in an O.B.G.-style interface.

Though there are no new productions, this version features a total of 66 songs and 18 nonstop remixes.

Perfect Collection (Arcade/PC - Korea)

Released: December 2000

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Double, Nonstop Remix (single/double), Battle

As the title suggests, this version improves The Collection by featuring all songs that appeared in that version and adding 17 new songs (no new remixes). That means 83 songs and 18 remixes.

The interface is similar to the previous ones, but with a new game mode selection screen which offers Crazy mode without the need of a special code. Also, in the song select screen, instead of representing songs by small pictures it shows a roulette with slanted labels, each with a song name written to it. This change is particularly unfriendly among non-Korean players (which, though this is another Korean release, may play this version on arcades that imported the game).

This version was later released for PC, but using an interface similar to The Premiere, described below.

EXTRA (Arcade - Korea)

Released: February 2001

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Extra Expert (single/double), Double, Nonstop Remix (single/double), Battle

As it is another Korean release, this version should be considered another successor of The Perfect Collection, not from The Premiere.

This version is quite unique: it changed Crazy's name to Extra Expert (or XX for short), introduced a brand new interface, a new Double challenge (the XX Double) and the hold arrows. As it is a Korean release, the Nonstop Remix mode returned.

On the new interface, the blue arrows choose the songs as usual, but the red arrows change the game mode. With a single credit one can play songs from any mode (considering the limitations like Double modes only being available when there's only one person playing, and Battle mode only being available when there are two players). Like in The Premiere, the center arrow is used to confirm the selection.

This version was actually produced by F2System, an Andamiro affiliate which also produced in 2000 the Techno Motion dance simulation game. Two of the songs from this version are signed by F2: "Holiday" and "Can Can". Can Can, which now has an artist of Radezky since its inclusion on Prex 3, appears in the KPOP section of Exceed, despite being produced specifically for Pump It Up. It has since been moved to the Banya channel in Exceed 2.

The Premiere (Arcade - international/Brazil)

Released: June 2001

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Double, Battle

The first international release. Features 6 new songs, all of them covers of Western Pop songs, from *NSYNC to a-ha, and 81 old songs (in other words, almost all the previous songs, minus remixes). Several songs were renamed, so that they had English titles.

The interface has been redesigned: the blue arrows still navigate through the songs, but only one song appears on screen, which is confirmed with the center button. The red arrows are used only for entering codes, which are a lot simpler (and thus easier to memorize), and there's a single code for speeding up arrows instead of separate codes for each velocity, making it more user-friendly.

A special Brazilian version was also released, which featured, as well as the 6 international Pop songs in English, 8 additional Brazilian Pop songs in Portuguese by original artists (not covers).

Evolutionary Dance Floor (PC - international)

Released: June 2001

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Double

This version of the game was Andamiro's attempt at releasing a game for the international market. It's been widely panned as the worst PC release, having only a small handful of songs and no Crazy mode, however this game marked the only instance where Andamiro released their original high-quality (and expensive) mats for the international market. These mats can be re-used in future releases such as Prex 3 and Exceed for the PS2, thus making it a collector's item.

The PREX (Arcade - international)

Released: November 2001

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Double, Battle

A new collection, aimed to fuse The Premiere and Extra (hence the name PREX). Contains The Premiere's 87 songs and Extra's 22 normal songs (nonstop remixes and the new version of Clon's "First Love" were not included).

The interface is from The Premiere.

Rebirth (Arcade - Korea)

Released: January 2002

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Crazy, Double, Half-Double, Division, Combo Battle

This Korean release features a slightly improved Premiere interface: different codes, and a new code to switch between Easy, Hard and Crazy modes (changing game mode from other modes is not possible).

Two new game modes were introduced: Division and Half-Double. Unfortunately for the Division lovers, this mode was dropped and no other version has offered it again, save Premiere 2.

There are 36 new and no old songs available in this version. Though it is a Korean release, the Nonstop Remix mode was not included.

This version was released in Korea with only the new songs, while Premiere 2 followed up in an international release a few months later including the majority of songs from Premiere in addition to the 36 new songs. Thus, Rebirth is made completely obsolete by Premiere 2 other than the fact that some aspects of Rebirth are in Korean rather than English.

Premiere 2 (Arcade - international)

Released: March 2002

Available game modes: Easy, Hard, Crazy, Full Double, Half-Double, Division, Combo Battle

The international counterpart for The Rebirth. The 36 new songs from Rebirth are featured, with 66 old songs from The Premiere. The new songs from Extra, which appeared on The PREX, are not available.

This version is normally not considered a collection, just an alternative version of The Rebirth. When attributing the new songs to a release, people often call those 36 songs (the Rebirth ones, plus Vook and Csikos Post) as "Premiere 2/Rebirth songs".

PREX 2 (Arcade - international)

Released: November 2002

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Full Double, Combo Battle

This international collection was released later on in the year and once again re-introduced the songs from Extra, merging the majority of Rebirth and Extra's new music for the only time. The game was released with an Extra-style interface, all 36 songs from Premiere 2/Rebirth, 21 songs from Extra (the same included from The PREX, except for "Circus Magic") and the remaining 36 songs from previous versions that appeared in Extra, making up a total of 93 songs.

A beta version of this game was titled Extra Plus (+). Both this beta version and PREX 2 itself are very rare. There may be no more machines with this version currently installed left in the United States.

Premiere 3 (Arcade - international)

Released: May 2003

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Full Double, Half-Double, Combo Battle

This international release features an Extra-style interface and 20 new songs, all from American Pop and Latin Pop, the latter due to the increasing success of PIU in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

However, featuring only 36 old songs (summing up to 56), and with 16 new ones being from unknown singers (although there's a cover of Gloria Estefan's Conga), not mentioning that most of the new songs had no challenging/difficult steps, this version is considered by an expressive number of fans as the worst PIU version ever made.

PREX 3 (Arcade/PC - international)

Released: October 2003

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Half-Double, Combo Battle

This version is an expansion of Premiere 3, featuring 3 new songs and an inclusion of several songs from the past not included in Premiere 3. It uses the same interface (including same graphics) from The Premiere 3. In total, there are 76 songs in versions of the game with the four American rap songs included (Burning Krypt, Can You Fell Dis Or Dat, DJ Nightmare, You Don't Wanna Runup") while there are 72 in versions without.

Apart from the new songs, this version also featured the return of Banya's "Hypnosis" and "Ignition Starts", songs from the first version which never appeared in international releases, a few new step routines for old songs and the new Nightmare mode, bringing the challenge in the game to a new degree.

There were also some major international licenses that were made for this mix and intended to be released with the game, but since Andamiro didn't get the licensing for them they were taken off the song list at the last minute. These songs included "Objection" by Shakira,"It's My Party" by Thalia, "Just a Girl" by No Doubt, "Music" by Madonna, and "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. Remnants of the inclusion of these songs are easily found in this game's internal files.

In December, the PC version of The PREX 3 was released, with all the songs from Prex 3, plus BanYa's song An Interesting View from 3rd OBG.

Exceed (Arcade - international/PS2 - Korea/PSP - Korea)

Released: April 2004

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Battle

Exceed was the 10th arcade release of the game (noting the emphasis on the X used for the logo) - featuring a brand new UI dividing the songs into 3 "channels", Banya, Pop, and K-Pop. The Red arrows are used to switch channels, and the blue arrows change the song. Once the song is selected, the difficulty is chosen. Exceed also introduced a new hardware platform, allowing for a more powerful and faster game. Exceed also introduced the ability for arcade operator's to lock out songs they deem inappropriate. Exceed features 24 new songs [including the hidden Monkey Fingers] for a total of 102. It also has 1 revival: 2nd Dance Floor's Fighting Spirits.

Exceed 2 (Arcade - international)

Released: December 2004

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Score Battle, Combo Battle, Item Battle, Remix

Exceed 2 while only adding 18 new songs, introduced a new system in the interface, Stations. The 3 stations comprise the 3 major game modes, Arcade, the typical game. Battle, a mode made especially for matches, featuring four different battle modes. It takes only one credit (instead of the usual two for two players), but only one song is played. The song is also limited to being selected from the remix selection (hard mode only). Special modifiers can affect gameplay, which are activated during gameplay by stepping on particular arrows, signified by specialized icons. The variety of available modifiers depends on the mode of battle selected (i.e. 'Minesweeper', 'Item Battle'). A pair of characters are also depicted on screen, who react to the loss of health during gameplay. In addition, nonstop remixes and long songs were moved to their own dedicated area, the "Remix Station". Only 2 songs are played, but if the player plays them on Crazy or Nightmare and gets an S on both, the player unlocks the bonus stage "Raw" - an extended version of Exceed 2's opening - containing a stepchart specifically meant to spell out a message.

This version features 18 new songs, 10 revivals, 7 remixes, and 2 full songs, for a total of 136.

Exceed SE (PS2/Xbox - international)

Released: August 2005

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Battle, Freestyle, Nightmare, Sudden Death, Home, Survival, Arcade, Video

Exceed SE was a home version of Exceed for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles. The interface is based on the original Exceed, but contains a songlist closer to Exceed 2, and uses Exceed 2's judgment label design. Exceed SE also featured the ability for two players to play on separate difficulties, a feature absent from arcade versions until the release of Zero.

There are 101 songs on the PS2 version and 97 songs on the Xbox version. The game also included 6 new licensed tracks, Junkie XL's remix of A Little Less Conversation, Let's Groove by Earth, Wind, & Fire, I Love You Baby by Pandera, Name of the Game by Crystal Method, Rapper's Delight from Sugarhill Gang, and Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram. The Xbox version was planned to contain downloadable songs, but it was never actually used. The Xbox version also included a step editor, allowing users to create their own stepcharts. The PS2 version in lieu of a step editor and (the lack of) DLC, included two songs from Exceed 2: Canon-D by Banya and We Don't Stop by Asoto Union.

Zero (Arcade - international/PSP - Korea)

Released: February 2006

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Another, Mission, Easy Station, and Remix

Zero contained a brand new interface, now featuring previews of background videos and the ability for two players to play on separate difficulties. Zero also contained the Easy Station, a mode containing a modified interface and a selection of easy songs. The Mission Station contained sets of songs played with specific conditions that must be met when they are played - such as getting a specific amount of a judgment for instance.

NX (New Xenesis) (Arcade - international)

Released: December 2006

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Special Station (Another, Remix, Full Song), Training Station, World Tour

NX introduced many new elements to the Pump series, such as a brand new interface, 29 new core songs, and the Special Station - a new dedicated area for all nonstop remixes, long versions, and Another mode stepcharts. NX also saw the return of Nexcade to Pump it Up, replacing Freevolt Team, who worked on Exceed, Exceed 2, and Zero.

NX2 (Next Xenesis) (Arcade - international)

Released: January 2008

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Special Station (Another, Remix, Full Song), Training Station, WorldMax

NX2 is an expansion of NX with major differences. The 29 "New Tunes" from NX's Arcade Station have been added to their respective channels on the song wheel and replaced with 30 new tracks. NX2 adds support for USB memory cards, which are used to save progress in the brand new expansive WorldMax mission mode and can also be used for internet rankings. NX2 only supports its own proprietary USB drive which can be ordered directly from Andamiro in bulk or offered by the arcade.

NXA (NX Absolute) (Arcade - international)

Released: December 2008

Available game modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, Nightmare, Special Station (Another, Remix, Full Song), Easy Station, WorldMax, Brain Shower

NXA is the final expansion of the NX line, featuring 26 New Tunes (with three more that unlocked later), plus the largest number of new Remix and Full Songs in a Pump mix. WorldMax has been expanded to include around 700 missions, including a brand new space area. PumBi, Andamiro's data management program, is heavily used in NXA. Players can now use the program to purchase items to use in-game as well as track progress in all modes of the game. NXA introduces Brain Shower, where the player must not only step in time with the arrows, but must also do mental exercises involving mathematics, observation, and memory.

Fiesta (arcade - international)

Released: March 2010

Available game modes: Basic Mode, Full Mode: Single, Double, Performance, Remix, Full Song, Short Cut, Quest World, Skill Up Zone, Battle

The upcoming version in the Pump It Up series, titled "Fiesta", will debut on March 6, 2010 in Mexico. Billed as the "10th anniversary edition", the new version promises many new advancements, revived music, and the largest count of new songs in any version in the series. The ad, shown in Mexican newspapers, can be found here:


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