List of games developed or published by SEGA. You can sort them however you desire.

Game Developer System Year
7th Dragon SEGA Nintendo DS 2009
The Rub Rabbits! Sonic Team Nintendo DS 2005
Sonic Rush Sonic Team Nintendo DS 2005
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Amusement Vision PlayStation 2, Xbox 2005
Condemned: Criminal Origins Monolith Productions Xbox 360, Windows 2005
Full Auto Pseudo Interactive Xbox 360 2005
Feel the Magic: XY/XX Sonic Team Nintendo DS 2004
Nightshade SEGA and Overworks PlayStation 2 2004
F-Zero AX Amusement Vision Nintendo GameCube 2003
Panzer Dragoon Orta Smilebit Xbox 2003
Sonic Heroes SEGA GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox 2003
House of the Dead 3 SEGA Arcade, Xbox, Windows, PSN (2011) 2002
Skies of Arcadia SEGA and Overworks Dreamcast, GameCube 2002
Super Monkey Ball 2 Amusement Vision GameCube 2002
Shinobi (2002) SEGA and Overworks PlayStation 2, PSN (2012) 2002
Jet Set Radio Future Smilebit Xbox 2002
Gun Valkyrie Smilebit Xbox 2002
Virtua Fighter 4 SEGA AM2 Arcade, PlayStation 2 2001
Rez UGA Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 2001
Super Monkey Ball Amusement Vision Arcade, GameCube, N-Gage 2001
ChuChu Rocket! Sonic Team Dreamcast, GBA 2000
Shenmue SEGA AM2 Dreamcast 1999
Shining Force III Camelot Software Planning Saturn 1997
Dragon Force J-Force, SEGA Saturn 1996
Sakura Wars Red Entertainment Saturn 1996
NiGHTS Into Dreams... Sonic Team Saturn 1996
Virtua Fighter SEGA Arcade 1993
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe SEGA Game Gear 1991
Shinobi SEGA Game Gear 1991
Columns SEGA Arcade, Mega Drive, Game Gear, MSX2, PC 1990
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Team SEGA Genesis 1990
Sword of Vermilion SEGA SEGA Genesis 1990
Golden Axe SEGA Arcade 1988
Phantasy Star SEGA Master System 1987
Enduro Racer SEGA Master System 1987
Alex Kidd in Miracle World SEGA Master System 1986
After Burner SEGA Arcade, Master System 1986
Chromehounds From Software Xbox 360 2006
Dead or Alive: Code Chronos Team Ninja Xbox 360 Cancelled
Enchanted Arms From Software, Ubisoft Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 2006
House of the Dead 4 Wow Entertainment Arcade 2005
Sagaia Taito Arcade 1989
Super Monkey Ball Amusement Vision N-Gage 2003
Super Monkey Ball Jr. Realism, THQ, Inc, SEGA GBA 2002
Yakuza 4 SEGA Playstation 3 2010 (JP)

2011 (US/EU)

Yakuza 5 SEGA Playstation 3 2012 (JP)

2015 (WW)

Yakuza 0 SEGA Playstation 3, Playstation 4 2015 (JP)

2017 (WW)

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