The following is a list of pinball machines released by Sega. Sega of Japan first entered the pinball market in the early 1970s but produced their last game in 1978. Sega re-entered the market when it took over Data East's pinball division in 1994. They produced machines under the Sega name for 5 years before leaving the market again in 1999. Sega sold all pinball assets to Gary Stern, president of the division, who then founded Stern Pinball, Inc.

Sega Enterprises Ltd. (1972-1978)

  • Ali Baba
  • Arabian Night
  • Bad Cat
  • Big Kick
  • Big Together
  • Carnival
  • Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Crazy Clock
  • Explorer
  • Galaxy
  • Mikoshi
  • Millionaire
  • Miss Nessie
  • Monte Rosa
  • Nostalgia
  • Robin Hood
  • Rodeo
  • Sapporo
  • Sky Lover
  • Surfing
  • Temptation
  • Winner
  • Woman-Lib

Sega Pinball (1994-1999)

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