Template:Merge from This is a list of Spy Fox characters.

Dry Cereal

Main characters

  • Spy Fox: Spy Fox is suave, sophisticated, ever-cool and on top of things, even when the going gets a little tough. He relies on his wits and various spy gadgets, supplied to him by Quack, found at the Mobile Command Center. His mission is to save the world's cows and all their milk!
  • Howard Hugh Heifer Udderly III: The bovine president and CEO of Amalgamated Moo Juice Incorporated has been cownapped! Mr. Udderly is the only one who knows the extent of William the Kid's deranged plan so it's essential that Spy Fox rescue him as soon as possible. He swallows the disarming code to the Milky Weapon of Destruction. His name is based on those of Howard Hughes and Hugh Hefner, and the word "heifer."
  • Monkey Penny: Spy Fox's simian partner who is stationed at the Spy Corps Mobile Command Center. She sometimes contacts Spy Fox via his Spy Watch. She can also be called using the Spy Watch.
  • Professor Quack: is a duck at the Mobile Command Center working on spy gadgets. He'll explain to Spy Fox how each gadget works when the player clicks on them in the Spy Gadget vending machine. He has a habit of eating the gadget's blueprints after explaining the gadget's functions to the player.
  • William the Kid: The villain of the game, he is the CEO of the Nectar of the Goats (N.O.G.) Corporation, and plans on ridding the world of cow's milk and replacing it with goat's milk using his Milky Weapon of Destruction.
  • Russian Blue: A very bad kitty. She's William the Kid's right hand gal. Her life's passion is the tango – she can't resist one. She owns and operates the swank ocean liner, the SS Deadweight, where William the Kid is has been rumored to socialize. In the Car Chase Path, Spy Fox has to place a sheet of tango music within Mr. Waltz's sheet music to distract Russian Blue with a dance so Spy Fox can slip Walter Wireless into her purse to track her.

Secondary characters

  • Gilbert: The vendor of the trinket stand who mainly sells trinkets, of which he claims that there are 1001 industrial uses for. There are also other things in his shop which he can't reach. The only other thing he will sell other than trinkets is a sailor's hat (needed in the White Water Path). He also has pennants with a price of 7,000,000 drachmas! He has an invitation to the SS Deadweight's Deck Party which Spy Fox will need.
  • Captain Drydock (seen only in the White Water path): The Captain of the SS Winaprize (the SS Deadweight's sister ship) is afraid of the ocean and highly superstitious. He lost his lucky charm at the Go Fish Table, in the cantina, and won't sail without it. If Spy Fox can win back the lucky charm, Captain Drydock will bring him wherever he wants on the sea.
  • Johnny Gecko: The entertainer in the cantina. All he plays is the tango because it's the only music sheet he has. During the Car Chase Path, Spy Fox must give him a sheet of waltz music in exchange for the tango music.
  • Mr. Waltz: He is the band conductor at the SS Deadweight's Deck Party. He plays waltz music. In the Car Chase Path, Spy Fox has to place a sheet of tango music within his sheet music to distract Russian Blue with a dance so Spy Fox can slip Walter Wireless into her purse to track her.
  • Sal the Sailor (seen only in the White Water Path): He's on watch duty on the bridge of the SS Deadweight. His job consists of pressing a single button, over and over, staring into space through his protruding reptilian eyes, and counting the minutes until his shift is over.
  • Weasel Doorman: The door man at the SS Deadweight's Deck Party who only lets people in if they have a signed invitation from Russian Blue. He is proud of his job and takes it very seriously.
  • Radio Room Rabbit (seen only in the Diode sidequest): He's a N.O.G. henchman in the Radio Room guarding the ten diodes. Spy Fox must distract him to get one of the diodes.
  • Artimice J. Bigpig: This fez wearing pig likes to play Go Fish for trinkets. Spy Fox needs to beat him in order to win back Captain Drydock's Lucky Charm in the White Water Path. If not playing for the Lucky Charm, the player can play Go Fish with him as one of the game's minigames.
  • Hong Kong Doodle (seen only in the Cock a Doodle Fu miniquest): This big chicken is adept at a new form of the martial art of Cock a Doodle Fu. If only Spy Fox could find the countermoves he could put this guy down for the count.
  • Walter Wireless the Tracking Bug (seen only in the Car Chase Path): Spy Corp's elite tracking bug whom Spy Fox uses to track Russian Blue on her speeding car by slipping him into her purse when she is distracted by a tango dance. Walter later appears near the end of the bonus ending, regardless of any path, as a news reporter. He also appears in Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required".
  • Mata Hairy: Spy Fox's informant who appears at the Feta Factory (in a pipe) if the Car Chase Path is being played or underwater (in a treasure chest) if the White Water Path is being played. She passes Spy Fox vital information or a secret password machine.
  • Stewardess: The stewardess on Spy Corp's jet plane who passes Spy Fox a video from Monkey Penny hidden in a TV dinner.
  • Guards at William the Kid's office (seen only in the Key and Punchcard sidequests): Three guards who guard the entrance to William the Kid's office. Spy Fox has to get past them.
  • Tuna Boat guards (seen only in the White Water Path): Their mission is to protect the underwater entrance to Kid's Secret Base.
  • President: The U.S. President who awards Spy Fox with the Congressinal Cookie of Justice for his efforts in defeating William the Kid and landing him in Spy Jail.

Some Assembly Required

Main characters

  • Napoleon LeRoach: Leader of the Society of Meaningless, Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling, (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) and Spy Corps nemesis, LeRoach’s evil plot is to use his Giant Evil Dogbot to take over the world! His desire stems from the fact that he has been laughed at and scorned for his size; destruction of the World's Fair and global governments is planned in revenge.
  • Giant Evil Dogbot: Created by the S.M.E.L.L.Y. Toy Division and maximized to ratio of 1,000 to 1. This villainous weapon is posing as a centerpiece at the World’s Fair. The Chateau LeRoach restaurant is located in its collar. Seen in a short cameo as trash in an unnamed evil organization's lair in Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone".
  • Chief: The chief of Spy Corps who meets Spy Fox after he escapes from the ski shack and again when he presents Spy Fox with the Grand Golden Family Approved Fortified Supreme Certificate of Excellence for landing Napoleon LeRoach in Spy Jail. He also appears in Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone".

Secondary characters

  • Ralph, Chateau LeRoach kitchen guard: He won’t let Spy Fox pass through the Chateau LeRoach's service entrance unless you have the correct restaurant identification.
  • Chef Dinah: Dress like a chef or this master chef won’t let you near her oven in the Chateau LeRoach. If you give her some ingredients, she will make you a dish to get pass the breath analyzer of the evil Dogbot, one of three things needed to call off the evil Dogbot.
  • Dotti Dash the Microfish: An old comrade of Walter Wireless, she dashes around the airwaves intercepting secret codes from S.M.E.L.L.Y..
  • Agent Gracefully: Brave Canadian exchange-agent who delivers the S.M.E.L.L.Y. trash bag and the Dehydrated Ski Pill gadget to Spy Fox on top of an Alpine gondola.
  • Bea Bear: She is not only a graduate of the massage school of “OhManThaHurtz!” but also a retired champion skater. She also appears in Spy Fox 1 in "Dry Cereal" and Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone".
  • Madame LadyBug: the slightly irritated proprietress of Plant World, is the local expert on plants. Her nursery carries everything from Scotch Broom to Rugosa Roses to Japanese Stewartias. One thing you won’t find at Plant World is Venus’s Flytrap. "An atrocious plant! They have no manners – always snapping and chomping at all my insect friends. Oh my, the thought of them just curls my wings," exclaims Madame Ladybug. "Really, I have other plants that are a lot more interesting and not so rude."
  • The Amazing Caped Cod: A superstitious daredevil who cannot perform his stupefying stunts without the perfect conditions. He needs clear vision (Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path) or a feverish fan to spark his airborne capers (Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path)!
  • Elmo (seen only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): Fanatical about The Amazing Caped Cod, Elmo will do anything to see him. Spy Fox's task is to arrange a meeting, during which the Cod will perform a trick and leave his cape for Spy Fox to borrow.
  • Victor, Ice-skating Attendant: He spends his days getting teary-eyed over perfectly executed ice-skating shows or sweeping up the rink. He’ll toss a rose for an expert performance, but is sometimes very protective of the trophy case.
  • Haggis, Wee World Service Guard: He’s a kilt-toting Terrier who isn’t too pleased to be dressed as a guard. He keeps everyone at bay until the sign reads: “Open” (Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path). Otherwise, a key might quiet his bark (Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path).
  • Virgil, Souvenir Salesman and World's Fair Entrance Hand Stamper: What is the difference between a trinket and a souvenir? This is the person to ask. He’s up on the latest souvenirs and postcards. He also stamps Spy Fox's hand so he can enter or leave the World's Fair.
  • Granny Smith, Food-on-a-Stick Vendor: An entrepreneurial granny who recognized a good idea when she saw one – Food-on-a-stick! What could be better? She even gives out tasty samples, though only one per customer.
  • Doll & Lee: These scientists of Ewe Clone It will clone any food item you want! Just pass them the food and you get two from one. Their names are plays on Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned animal.
  • Lenny, Informant Worm (seen only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): Ssssh! He’s an overly suspicious undercover informant. Etching microscopic geometric symbols with his teeth is this informant worm’s specialty.
  • Welder (seen only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A S.M.E.L.L.Y. agent who does double-duty on his job: assembly line and welding work. He takes his clear goggles off each time an item comes down the conveyor belt. These goggles were stolen from the Caped Cod, who never suspected a thing but missed both the goggles and his treacherous assistants sorely.
  • Cooper, Wax Museum Security Guard: Loyal to the Wax Museum, his attention is focused on the security camera or room thermometer. If the thermometer exceeds 80 degrees, he must hotfoot it out of there and call the air conditioning repair place (Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path). Otherwise, he’s watching the monitor of the lifeless Wax Museum that’s as pretty as a “postcard” (Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path).

Operation Ozone

  • Poodles Galore Biby, Queen of Cosmetics: Spy Fox’s evil Nemesis. Poodles is not satisfied with being the cosmetics queen of the whole town, she wants to control the entire sunscreen market using her aerosol spraying hairspray satellite to deplete the ozone layer in order to sell her new product SPF: 2001. Like Monkey Penny, she is voiced by Anita Montgomery.
  • Plato Pushpin: The scientist that Galore has forced to build the hairspray satellite of destruction using illegal chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). He is the only one with the knowledge to stop the hairspray satellite with his best invention, the Congeal Pill.
  • Cookie Shi the Cookie Scout (seen only in the Freshwater Pearl minipath): A Girl and cookie Scout, she is boisterous and yells when she talks even though she has a megaphone. Spy Fox helps her sell her cookies so she can get a tricked out bike (with a thing in the handlebars that tells time) and he can use her megaphone on his crusade.
  • Sport Female the Pro Shop Attendant: A Bowling Alley attendant in charge of de-stinking bowling shoes and distributing bowling shirts. Sport loves lemons.
  • Pias "Pia" Zadonut the Pizza/Donut Girl: An aspiring actress, Pia is very dramatic – can bake a Prickly Pear Pizza (Prickly Pear Pizza Minipath) with flare and a Prickly Pear, or, she can bake a Secret Donut XY (Secret Donut XY Minipath) with a Recipe and the Tapioca required for the job.
  • Buzz the Cop (seen only in the Secret Donut XY minipath): Boy, can this officer eat donuts. Distract him with a laugh riot and maybe you will have a chance at a donut before it gets eaten up!
  • Flotilla the misinformed Import Shop Attendant: A suspicious and misguided shop owner. Give her the correct counter code phrase and she will entrust you with the Amulet of Chicle-Pichu, which is needed to unlock half of the gates of the Ancient Ruins of Chicle-Pichu, a temple containing massive amounts of chicle. Flotilla loves pickles.
  • Wet Eddie Careea (seen only in the Beauty Clay minipath): He will let you use his Scuba Suit, but only if you have flippers to go with it.
  • Roger Boar: A Spy Corps undercover agent who pops up throughout the game in unlikely places and with unlikely hairdos. His name is a pun on boar and famous 007 actor Roger Moore.
  • Trudy Fruit: Trudy is a student studying Chicle viscosity and flavor retention to get her PHD in Gumotology. She is also fond of coconuts.
  • Bobby Llama (seen only in the Secret Donut XY minipath): The ex-donut baker. Bobby has gone to Africa to search for meaning in the center of the donut hole. He is the only person with the recipe for Secret Donut XY. He also likes nuts.
  • Pins: Pins is staked out in the Desert as a cactus. If you find her she’ll give you a valuable cosmetic Counter Code Phrase Compact.
  • Stanley Ellington Seagull (seen only in the Secret Donut XY minipath): A British explorer who is tired of consuming tapioca.
  • Henrietta Havalina: This little gal does everything by the book. She only allows beekeepers into her prickly pear ranch, but she does not allow them to remove any of the prickly pears, using an X-ray machine to detect any Prickly Pear thieves (Prickly Pear Pizza minipath).
  • Herman the Fisherman (seen only in the Freshwater Pearl minipath): Herman will be happy to give you a boat ride but he’s a little hard of hearing. A megaphone is needed to draw him to shore.

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