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Syberia 1

  • Anna Voralberg-Previous owner of Valadilene's Automaton Factory. Born November 16, 1916-April 16, 2002.
  • Barge Couple-A husband & wife who live on a barge both originated from somewhere in France.
  • Barrockstadt Rectors-Three middle aged men with mustaches.
  • Barrockstadt Station Master-Looks after the station and garden.
  • Barrockstadt Students-Only five were seen around the campus of Barrockstadt University.
  • Bill Walker-A Student who once attended Barrockstadt University, no relation with Kate Walker.
  • Blanchart Bailiff-Head of Blanchart Solicitors
  • Bob-Dan's Friend
  • Captain Malatesta-Gate Commander of the Barrockstadt's border patrol since 1968.
  • Charles Voralberg-Anna's ancestor who invented the Automatons in the 13th Century.
  • Colonel Boris-Ex-cosmonaut
  • Cornillius Pons-A university professor at Barrockstadt University.
  • Dan Foster-Kate's finace
  • Dr. Schmol-Rudolph's friend
  • Dr. Schweitzer-Advertises his brand of joint elixir
  • Edward Marson-CEO of Marson & Lormont Ass. Law Practice in New York City.
  • Franck Malkovich-Russian Opera Singer
  • Felix-Recisionist of Kronsky Hotel
  • General Baliamushin-Commander of the Cosmodrome.
  • George-Helena's Barman friend.
  • Gertrude-Anna's Maid during her childhood
  • Gustave Passeri-Head of Geneva's Passeri Bank Founded in 1511.
  • Hans Voralberg
  • Helena Romanski-Russian Diva
  • Herman Voralberg- Anna's ancestor who lived from 1212-1295. Possibly Charles's son.
  • Isabelle Voralberg-Anna's ancestor who lived from 1523-1656.
  • Ivan Malyshev-present guest at Kronsky Hotel
  • James-Helena's Automaton butler
  • Jeanna Voralberg-A Voralberg family member.
  • Kate Walker
  • Leon Bonnard-Priest
  • Leonid Marakov-Previous Kronsky Hotel Guest
  • Lt. Col. Malatesta-The Captain's dad
  • Maitre Alfolter-Anna's adviser
  • Mrs. Walker-Kate's Mom
  • Mr. Grips-Head of the workshop factory.
  • Momo-Slow speaking mischievous kid who talks in third person.
  • Monsieur Martinot-Head of Fontenay Carpentry
  • Oleg Kizim-Previous Kronsky Hotel Guest
  • Olivia-Kate's friend at work.
  • Oscar
  • Pavel Prechmine-Previous Kronsky Hotel Guest
  • Pierre Voralberg-Anna's ancestor who lived from 1750-1832
  • Rudolph Voralberg-Anna's father b.1880-1939
  • Sergueǐ Borodine-Director of Komkolzgrad industrial plant & obcess Helena fan.
  • Sophia Garbatcha-Previous Kronsky Hotel Guest
  • Valadilene's Baker
  • Valadilene's Benchwarmer
  • Valadilene's Hotel Manager
  • Valadilene Train Station's Janitor
  • Vladimir Rybko-Present Guest at Kronsky Hotel
  • The Voralberg's Gardener

Syberia II

  • Alexi Toukianov-Born 1895-1996, was a monk fasinated by the Youkals.
  • Cirkos-Bartender and friend of Malka.
  • Col. Emeliov-Station Master/Store Clerk
  • Fat Monk
  • Igor Bourgoff-Ivan's idiot brother
  • Ivan Bourgoff-Runs a crooked business on poaching & ivory digging.
  • John-Marson's aide
  • Malka-Little Girl
  • Marie Beaudrynoff-Russian Explorer on Youkal related artifacts.
  • Nick Cantin-New York Detective
  • Old Patriarch-The head of the monistary.

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