The following is a list of Miscellaneous races in World of Warcraft universe. A few creatures in the Warcraft universe could not really be considered animals or humanoids, and are either completely unique or belong to only very minor categories.


A giant variety of carnivorous plant, able to move around, and often aggressive. A conical stalk serves as the main body, the bottom end of which is a mess of roots and vines which it can move about with like legs, and the top end of which is a flower with teethed petals. From the sides of the main-body stalk come two vine-like, thorny tentacles. Lashers can be found in the Wailing Caverns, Maraudon, the Un'Goro Crater (this is their primary location), and Dire Maul. Also, in the Burning Crusade expansion pack, additional Lashers can be found in Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst Isle, in certain bio-engineered areas of the Netherstorm, and the Botanica, some of which have slightly different models from the standard.

The Lashers in Un'Goro are known as Bloodpetals and grow in several different varieties. The Lashers in Un'Goro, and the Consortium bio-domes of Netherstorm, are also notable due to them not being aggressive, only attacking if attacked

Some Lashers are categorized as Elementals, while others are not categorized at all.


A type of creature or mob in the game which are composed of machinery and devices as distinguished from the fleshy type. This includes most constructed creatures except some Elementals (like Stone Golems) and Undead (like Flesh Golems).

Mechanicals are a relatively rare type of creature. Most mechanicals are found in Gnomeregan, and most can be controlled using the Gnomish Universal Remote. Not having blood as such, most Mechanicals are Immune to bleed type melee attacks: Rend, Garrote, etc. as well as most forms of poison.

Types of Mechanicals:


Gnomes live underground, and the natural darkness and rugged terrain of their surroundings provide ideal conditions for enemies to hide. In an effort to catch prowling and skulking creatures of all types, gnomes developed the alarm-o-bot. The small robot looks like a child's toy with various wires and sensor arrays jutting out in all directions, and a police-siren light for a head, enabling it to "see" in the dark. When it detects a living creature or any sort of movement, it emits a high-pitched warning, "Intruder Alert!". The leper gnomes in Gnomeregan make heavy use of this device

In addition to the Gnomeregan Alarm-O-Bot, players with the Engineering skill (Gnomish Engineering) can create one of their own that sends out a pulse every 7 seconds which detects stealthed enemies

Bom Bots

Resemble a small robotic bomb with legs. When threatened, Mekgineer Thermaplugg's - with a bolt of electricity from his Mechanical Battle-Mount - activates bomb machines that produce explosive protectors, the Bom Bots or Walking Bombs. The machines can be deactivated by pressing any of several large red buttons throughout the room.

Some players believe that the Bom Bots are a reference to the Bob-omb enemies from the Mario games.


A small variety of Bom Bots. They are created as pets by Goblin Engineers. It is however just an inoffensive pet and will not explode.

Explosive Sheep

Explosive Sheep are created by players with an engineering skill of 150. Resembling a sheep with robotic heads, tails, legs and sides. Explosive Sheep will wander around for up to 3 minutes, charge at a nearby enemy within some range (?), and explode for 135 to 165 damage when it hits the enemy. Has only 1 charge

Fel Reavers

The Fel Reavers are enormous demonic machines found in Hellfire Peninsula in Outland. They are immensely powerful foes and are constantly emitting fel green smoke. These Fel Reavers move incredibly fast, too, attributed mostly to their long legs and an internal power core.

Currently not much is known about them. The Burning Legion use them as sentinels all around Hellfire Peninsula, including around their forges to the north to oversee the work on their cannons.

The area, Reaver's Fall, in eastern Hellfire Peninsula, is constructed around the ruins of a destroyed Fel Reaver, with a handful of trolls, orcs, and tauren cheering and dancing around the remains. This is the area that leads to the bombing run quests against the legion front.

Another area, Expedition Point, is near the gateways of The Legion. It's also built around Fel Reaver parts that are being forever hacked away at to bring to Stormwind to be melted down and remade as weapons to use against the Legion.

Tactics: A Fel Reaver can be downed by a three man level 70 party composed of a tank, a healer, and a dpser. While it does take a while, the damage output of a Fel Reaver is comparable to that of any random 70 elite and completely focused on the tank (in other words, surprisingly low for something of this size).

A Fel Reaver may also be pulled while just northeast of Thrallmar. If kited to the wrecked caravan just outside of Thrallmar, after which the player drops aggro through a skill such as Ice Block or Feign Death, the guards will pick up aggro on the Fel Reaver, and eventually kill it, allowing you to solo this quest with relative ease.

Additionally, to obtain the Key for Shattered Halls, you must kill a Fel Reaver and forge a key in its fiery carcass.

Gnomish Mechs

Gnomish Mechs are robots that have one eye and scissor-claw appendages, built to protect and help the Gnomish people. The most famous Gnomish Mechs are:

  1. 7:XT
  2. Arcane Nullifier X-21
  3. Crowd Pummeler 9-60
  4. Techbot

Techbot is an easter egg coming from Diablo 2. The name refers to the techbot on the US East realm. Its attacks are "Lag" (slows you down), "Battle net" (traps you in a net), and "Disconnect" (stuns you). Techbot also creates "Dupe Bugs" to fight for it, another reference to Diablo 2 where it was a bug in the game allowing you to duplicate items. It also has a spell called "Patch" killing all dupe bugs and restoring its health, after a patch for Diablo 2 which removed the dupe bug.

Harvest Watchers

The terrifying Harvest Watcher or Harvest Golems are mechanical constructs programmed to hunt down and terminate the Human inhabitants of Westfall. Though their origin is uncertain, some believe that only the wily Goblins could have created these mechanical monstrosities. Some speculate they were originally designed to help the denizens of Westfall, like keeping away wild beasts and harvesting crops, but the Defias Brotherhood sabotaged them, along with the help of their mercenary goblin allies. Others suggest that the Goblins built them in order of the Defias Brotherhood to scare off the local inhabitants of Westfall so that they could run their smuggling operations with greater impunity. Whatever the case may be, the Harvest Golems have done their jobs well - eliciting terror in anyone foolish enough to roam the fallow fields of Westfall alone. They resemble giant moving scarecrows with scythe-like claws instead of hands. A particular Harvest Reaper, the Foe Reaper 4000, may also sometimes be seen on the acres among the common robots. It is a possibility this is was an early prototype of the Super Reaper 6000 (see below) which is found in Stonetalon Mountains.

In addition to those in Westfall, players with the engineering skill can build a miniature one of their own. Some NPCs and enemies also have these pets.

Lifelike Mechanical Toads

The Lifelike Mechanical Toad item is created by Engineers. The Lifelike Mechanical Toad is a non-combat pet.

Mechanical Chickens

A mechanical fowl with remarkably lifelike movements. Oglethorpe Obnoticus, the master gnomish engineer, has created three larger metal chickens to explore Tanaris, Feralas, and the Hinterlands, but his strange inventions have gotten lost. If a player finds a beacon to lead them to the downed bird, they can escort the mechanical chicken to safety. If you save all three of his inventions, Oglethorpe Obnoticus gives you a gift: a pet mechanical chicken!

Also, Gnomish Battle Chickens, a more vicious sort of machine created by Engineering, are unusual items that protect their maker when used.

Mechanical Dragonlings

Small fighting dragonling guardian pets summonable via a trinket similar to dragon whelplings devised by Gnomes and constructed via engineering. Different varieties can be created by players with different levels of Engineering skill. Mechanical Dragonlings resemble robotic baby dragons.

Mechanical Greenches

A sort of Mechanical Yeti.

Mechanical Squirrels

The Mechanical Squirrel Box is an item created by Engineers. It summons and dismisses a Mechanical Squirrel, a squirrel small pet that follows you around, meaning it is a non-combat pet and will not aid you in battle. Being a popular pet in World of Warcraft, guilds like "Order of the Squirrel" and "Squirrel Squad" have been formed by players who want every member of their guild to carry such a pet for fun.

Mechanical Yetis

Resembling a robotic Yeti. A guardian pet obtained from the quest Are We There, Yeti? in Everlook, which is also the home of Umi Rumplesnicker, a Goblin who invented the mechanical yetis. The Mechanical Yeti has three charges and packs a powerful punch. If you don't need a guardian, you may prefer the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti that Umi Rumplesnicker can teach Engineers to make.

Mechanized Guardians

A robotic guardian, controlled by a gone-mad Leper Gnome in Gnomeregan.

Mechanized Sentries

A robotic gnome who is sitting on a Mechanostrider (see below). This mob is found in Gnomeregan.


Mechanostriders were first invented by Grizzspark Flegrubb, the pioneer of the Gnomish Flying Machine.[citation needed] They were made for long distance treks through Khaz Modan and for trade between Ironforge and Gnomeregan. They have since become a widespread multi-use vehicle for all Gnomes.

Mechanostriders resemble mechanical Emus or Ostritches (according to lore, they are based upon the Tallstriders [see above]). They have headlights for a face, and their tailfeathers are a set of exhaust pipes. In World of Warcraft, Mecahnostriders are the Gnomish racial mount, and are the siliest of all the racial mounts. The PvP version of this mount is the Black Battlestrider

Gnome or Dwarf characters can purchase mechanostriders at Steelgrill's Depot in Dun Morogh. Dwarves must be Exalted with Gnomeregan to buy a mechanostrider.


Shredders are goblin mechanical creatures, piloted by a goblin. They resemble a large, steam-powered robotic humanoid with a malevolent boiler face, a saw-blade, and a pair of grasping claws for hands. They're usually used for lumbering, but they can serve in war, because of the solid metal construction of the machine, and because of the great saws they wield. The crazed Leper Gnome in Gnomeregan, Mekgineer Thermaplugg who killed more than half the Gnomish race (more about this history on the Gnome main page) rides a giant robot that looks much like a Shredder.

Horde members can get a quest to help steal a Shredder in The Barrens. Sneed's Shredder is a boss in The Deadmines. The Venture Co. has Shredders in Stonetalon Mountains and Stranglethorn Vale.

Spider Tanks

A spider-like pod driven by steam and piloted by a Gnome. No actual mobs in the game have the name "Spider Tank" and they are just dubbed this by players. Spider Tanks which can be fought are found in Gnomeregan, though others which just serve as scenery can be found elsewhere, such as in Dun Morogh.

Named Spider Tank Mobs:

  1. Electrocutioner 6000 - A boss in Gnomeregan, and a big Spider Tank.
  2. Mechano-Tank - Standard mob of this type.
  3. Mechano-Flamewalker - Flame-throwing mob of this type.
  4. Mechano-Frostwalker - Frost-spraying mob of this type.

Super Reaper 6000

The Venture Company built with the blueprints of Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle an enormous woodcutting machine called Super Reaper 6000. It resembles an enormous, three-story tank with two enormous mechanical arms on the sides; one ending in a pair of grasping claws, and the other in a giant saw-blade. At its front is a set of giant cutting jaws and teeth.

The Super Reaper 6000 is found in the Stonetalon Mountains in an area called Windshear Crag; once a heavily forested glade, it has all but been destroyed by this machine, as well as the woodcutters, logging camps and general technological ravages of the Venture Company. There is a quest to stop further defiling of the area by sabotaging the Super Reaper.


Oozes are living blobs of slime that consume all that they touch. Oozes inhabit many places in the world of Azeroth, from Ironbeard's Tomb in the Wetlands to Maraudon in Kalimdor.

One of the biggest theories on how they developed on Azeroth is the idea that oozes and slimes are tied to the creation of the planet, almost like they're a secretion of it. Another theory classifies oozes as magically-created beasts intended to keep empty dungeons and underground sewers free from rats, roaches and possible invaders - magicians would conjure oozes as guardians of such places. A third theory is that they are primitive lifeforms which later evolved into more advanced creatures. "Evolving Ectoplasm" may still be found underground Barrens, within the Wailing Caverns.

Oozes (other varieties are known as slimes, sludges, or Sludge Beasts) generally consume anything they move over. As such their bodies are usually peppered with items that they can not digest such as bones, arrow heads or the odd piece of armor. Though it is somewhat counter-intuitive, rogues can pickpocket oozes. Because oozes so readily absorb everything around them, they tend to closely reflect their environment. For instance, oozes and slimes that live in areas tainted by the Blight, often have the ability to pass on terrible diseases to those they attack. The most "pure" oozes that haven't soaked up too much foreign material located in Un'Goro Crater.

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