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Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic (Cyrillic: Нико Беллић) is the main protagonist and playable character in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a 30-year-old former soldier who moved to Liberty City to escape his troubled past and pursue the "American Dream". Niko was persuaded to move by his cousin Roman, who claimed to be living a life of luxury, with beautiful women, sports cars and lots of money. It soon becomes apparent, however, that he runs a failing taxi business, has mounting debts and various criminals from Liberty City's underworld have put a price on his head. Aware of Niko's violent past, Roman had lied to convince his cousin to move to the city, knowing that Niko would fight against his pursuers, and eventually be the one to turn his lies into a reality. (It is also stated that Roman is motivated partially by desire to see his cousin again.) Niko, however, also has other, underlying motivations for moving to Liberty City, which are revealed as the story unfolds.


Roman Bellic


Roman Bellic

Roman Bellic is Niko's cousin who has lived in Liberty City for 10 years. Roman claims to be living the "American Dream" and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars, but in reality he owns a gritty taxi firm in Broker and lives in a small apartment. Roman is also heavily in debt thanks to his gambling habit. When Niko arrives, everything seems to go wrong at once, but together they work their way up. Roman is often harassed and intimidated by the various criminal figures he owes money to.
Voiced by Jason Zumwalt

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