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List of mobs in World of Warcraft

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Name Level(s) Zone(s) Race Type Abilities
Blackrock Battle Worg 1 Northshire Valley Worg Normal None
Blackrock Spy 1/2 Northshire Valley Orc Normal
Gug Fatcandle 4 Northshire Valley Kobold Rare Fireball
Goblin Assassin 3 Northshire Valley Goblin Normal
Blackrock Invader 3/4 Northshire Valley  Orc Normal
Kurtok the Slayer 5 Northshire Valley Orc Normal
Cutpurse 6 Elwynn Forest Human Normal
Mangy Wolf 5/6 Elwynn Forest Wolf Normal
Young Wolf 1 Elwynn Forest Wolf Normal
Stonetusk Boar 5/6 Elwynn Forest Boar Normal Rushing Charge
Forest Spider 5/6 Elwynn Forest Spider Normal
Kobold Tunneler 5/6 Elwynn Forest Kobold Normal
Narg the Taskmaster 6 Elwynn Forest Kobold Rare Battle Shout
Kobold Miner 6/7 Elwynn Forest Kobold Normal
Rockhide Boar 7/8 Elwynn Forest Boar Normal

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