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In the Super Smash Bros. (series) every character has received their own moveset to use in battle. While in the first Super Smash Bros. characters only had 3 special moves, Melee and Brawl have 4. Characters also have a fast neutral attack, 3 strong attacks, 3 smash attacks, 4 air attacks, a slide attack, and various throws. Using a combination of all these moves will help you make good use out of all your characters.

Super Smash Bros.


Mario is supposed to be the "all-around" character. He has no major weaknesses, and no major strengths.

Note: The names of his "A" moves are taken directly from the Strategy Guide.

  • A - Punch
  • AA - Punch
  • AAA - Kick
  • A Dash - Slide Trip
  • A^ - Uppercut
  • A> - Middle Kick
  • Av - Low Kick
  • A^^ - Headbutt
  • A<< or, A>> - Super Punch
  • A>> - Spin Kick
  • Nair - Midair Kick
  • Fair - Sideways Drill Kick
  • Bair - Reverse Flying Kick
  • Uair - Flipkick
  • Dair - Downward Drill Attack
  • B - Fireball
  • B^ - Coin Jump
  • Bv - Mario Tornado
  • ThrowF - Forward Spin Throw
  • ThrowB - Spinning Back Throw

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a brute. He can rack up damage on opponents easily, and can also take a beating. However, he is very slow, and has a poor recovery.

  • A - Light Middle Punch
  • AA - One-Two Combo
  • A Dash - Foot Shove
  • A^ - Air Shove
  • A> - Middle Punch
  • Av - Low Sweep
  • A^^ - Air Clap
  • A<< or, A>> - Super Slap
  • Avv - Ground Spin Kick
  • Nair - 720 Punch
  • Fair - Flip Punch
  • Bair - Reverse Flying Kick
  • Uair - Air Shove
  • Dair - Stretch Kick
  • B (charge) B<< or, B>> - Super Punch
  • B^ - Superspin Attack
  • Bv - Ground Slam
  • ThrowF (tilt control stick) - Carry Victim (Press "R" again to throw).
  • ThrowB - Back Throw

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