Little League World Series Baseball 2010 is a video game based on the 2010 Little League World Series.

Gameplay and modes

The game begins when a player is taken to a main menu. They there can choose several different options, including World Series mode, exhibition mode and minigames. In addition, the game will feature online leaderboards, Trophies and Achievements.

World Series mode

In World Series mode, a player chooses one of the 16 different regions, and tries to reach the Little League World Series by making it through pool play, then winning in the playoffs.


In the Exhibition mode, a player can pit any two teams in the game against each other for a faster, less-complicated experience.


All 16 regions are featured in the game.


The game was developed by Japanese developer Now Production (NowPro), who also handled development responsibilities for the previous edition Little League World Series 2009.


The game was met with mixed results following its release. Gamespot's Brett Todd gave the game a 5.5 (mediocre) score, claiming "With more finesse and depth, Little League World Series Baseball 2010 could have been a contender." [2] Popzara's Herman Exum was more forgiving in his review, citing the game's aesthetics and whimsical Japanese-style, stating "That the game's graphics look more like a Saturday morning cartoon than ESPN shouldn't be taken as a sign of cheap development, but a cultural one." [3]

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