Lloyd Irving


Game Series Tales of Symphonia
First Appearance
Species: Human
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Iselia
Dis-Likes: Tomatoes
Family: Check spoilers section of this page.
Home: Iselia
Power: Can wield the Eternal Sword (closest thing to a "power")
Weapon(s): Dual swords
Skill(s): Each character(in this game)has special attacks known as "Tech's".
Special Skill(s): Falcons Crest
Creator(s): Namco
Voice Actor(s): Voice Actor: Scott Menville (ENG Version)
Trademark: His "Secret Tech"/Secret Attack, "Falcons Crest"
Notes: Stubborn, idealistic, dumb and strong. Slightly taller than average, Red over tone with original costume, brown hair.

The main character of Namco's Tales of Symphonia. He uses two swords in battle. He is easily the best fighter in the game for his ability to inflict lots of damage quickly, ease of use, and combo potential. While he's a good fighter, he is also pretty dumb. His best friend, Genis Sage, often makes fun of him for this. He sometimes serves to parody RPG cliches, such as complaining about the frequency of caves and being bored (in general) by the end of each dungeon.

Lloyd fights against the Desians after he learns, fairly early on in the game, that his mother's death was caused by them. Because of this death, he was raised by a passing dwarf. Growing up, he equipped a special Exsphere that his mother died to protect, and learned various crafting skills from his foster father. Being raised by a dwarf, he often recites Dwarven Vows at appropriate moments. This, along with his friendship with the elves Genis and Raine, are large reasons why he is against discrimination.

It is later revealed that Kratos Aurion is actually Lloyd's real father.

Late on in the story/game Lloyd gains the ability to wield a special sword known as the Eternal Sword. However, it's power flows into two other swords Lloyd has. The swords that absorb the Eternal Sword's power are individually known as Flamberge and the Vorpal Sword. He receives these swords near the end of the game from Kratos Aurion and Dirk respectively. Together these swords are known as the Material Blades.

In Tales of Symphonia, players can earn various titles for every character, that describe the accomplishment. One of Lloyd's titles is "Gentle Idealist" which is earned by watching a cutscene in Mizuho which is where Sheena is apparently born. This title is given to Lloyd because of his idealistic nature and due to the fact the he wants to save everyone, which of course is not realistic as Mithos Yggdrasill says later in the game. However, Lloyd still is desperate to find a way to save everyone. In the end, however, he ends up killing Mithos.

In Welgaia, which is visited late in the game, and is also the city of angels (half-elfs who have evolved using evolved forms of Ex-Spheres known as Cruxis Crystal's) each character faces an illusion except Kratos or Zelos depending on who you chose. However, Lloyd does not face any such illusion, a hint of his inner strength.

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