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The first of the Aru system's three gas giants, Locil is also the largest. Boasting over 96 moons, this planet;s orbit bustled with hundreds of helium-3 extraction centers. Most of the work population lived on Locil's orbital stations, which were so numerous they became an unofficial city chained together by taxi services and extendable umbilical cords. The Reaper attack here have devastated the infrastructure, raining fragments down onto the gas giant.

Facts about "Locil"RDF feed
Day Length10.6 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameLocil +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameLocil +
NamePageLocil +
NamesLocil +
Orbital Distance5.8 AU +
Orbital Period14.0 Earth Years +
PageNameLocil +
PageTypeElement +
Radius52,635 km +

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