Game setup

Game settings can have a large effect on the character of the game.

Game Type

Other than choosing the number of players, you can choose to play a tournament, in which your teams square off against six CPU-controlled teams. The teams are so arranged that every player not on your team is on two teams.

Wacky Meter

Probably the most critical, even moreso than game length. It will affect the number of gems you begin with and the frequency with which gems will pop up on the court. Also, red and blue gems will be in higher proportion on higher wackiness levels. The more the wackiness, the more luck and not skill plays a role in the game's outcome. A wacky level of 1 will have no gems at all.

Follow Mode

Only relevant for teams with one human player and one CPU player. When it's on, if your team has possession of the ball, you will automatically control the player in possession. If it's off, you will always control the same character. However, in both modes you can press select to control the other character anyway. For this reason one might want to leave follow mode off, because a CPU player who unexpectedly gains possession of the ball tends to handle it better than a human player, who may not realize he or she has possession for a few seconds.

Quarter Length

Exactly what it says. 2 minutes per quarter is a fine setting for quick games. Note that there's an "extended time" code that can lengthen a quarter for the cost of 50 cents, so remember that quarters can become longer! (Of course, this isn't common except near the end of the game.)

Controller Configuration

Change the controls from NBA Jam-style to whatever works for you. Or you can use the Code Hunt, but you won't need it because this FAQ has all the codes you need.

(well, actually we're missing three codes right now...)


You can get a rough idea of each players' abilities by reading their stats, but it isn't always the whole story.

Bugs Bunny

As can be expected, Bugs is an "average" character.

  • Defense!: Cross-dresses as female bunny; all 3 other players go ga-ga. Never misses (unless opponent shoots as the move is executed), but possession isn't guaranteed.
  • Long Range: Kicks the ball.

Daffy Duck

  • Defense!: Takes a jackhammer and shakes up the ground.
  • Long Range: Spins around a couple of times, then throws.

Elmer Fudd

  • Defense!: Puts on "What's Opera, Doc?" outfit and summons lightning.
  • Long Range: Pulls out gun and shoots the ball toward the goal.

Wile E. Coyote

His stamina appears to be his most notable attribute: he can rocket all the way across the court and all the way back! He seems to have few other redeeming qualities, but he has a more subtle attribute which the stat sheet won't show you: his Long Range move is one of the best in the game.

  • Defense!: Pulls out a detonator and tries to blow up opponent; may backfire and blow up Wile E. instead.
  • Long Range: Attaches ball to rocket, which flies toward the goal. On rare occasions it will backfire and blow up Wile E. instead; this will be followed by a tip-off.

The Tasmanian Devil

  • Defense!: Spins around like... well, like Taz.
  • Long Range: Places ball in mouth, then spits it out toward the goal.

Yosemite Sam

  • Defense!: Shoots at opponent's feet, forcing him to drop the ball and "dance".
  • Long Range: Slams the ball against the ground, which bounces up toward goal.


  • Defense!: Presses a button and a 10-ton weight drops on opponent.
  • Long Range: Throws ball up; it turns into the Dog Ball and Sylvester slaps it toward the goal.

Marvin the Martian

  • Defense!: Pulls out a ray gun and shoots; may miss.
  • Long Range: Throws up ball; magnet pulls it to goal.



Want an insane game with practically no rules?

By far the wackiest way to play the game is to invoke Mayhem, Free-for-All, Free Turbo, and for that final touch, no goaltending. The game will play blazingly fast and you'll have every tactic and code at your disposal for free. It's no good for a contest of skill, but who cares? In fact, for that reason it can be a great way to play on par with superior or inferior players.

Of course you can leave goaltending on, but turning it off seems to make this loose style of play more complete.

Tactical Tips

The Long Range offensive tactic is a bit overpowered for its price. It will not always hit, but it will hit often (depending on your character; Wile E. probably hits most often). Sometimes you can regain possession of the ball if it bounces; if it doesn't, you get 3 points at the cost of only 10 cents. It's also good for getting the ball up in the air ASAP so your opponents can't even touch it unless it misses.

Vegas is, as the name suggests, a luxury. It's best to use it when you're far ahead, so that the loss of money (and possibly even points) doesn't matter, or if you're so far behind you need a last-ditch effort to gain points quickly.

Don't ever use the Time Bomb against a high-level CPU opponent. A level 10 opponent will almost always hog the bomb, then finally pass it to you just before it explodes. You will not have time to pass it back, but you can quickly pull off a Bomb Squad, which is the best course of action if the enemy pulls the Time Bomb trick on you.

If it's safe to use Time Bomb (see above), it is good for running down the clock, because nobody can shoot. (Bomb Squad will counter this tactic, but it isn't free). This can even be done with high-level CPU opponents if it doesn't matter that they get possession, but you still want to run down the clock.

Defensive Tactics


  • 25 cents
  • Your character will perform his unique defense action, possibly stealing possession of the ball


  • 25 cents
  • Your teammate will teleport to the opponent's goal

Offensive Tactics

Cream Pie

  • 10 cents
  • Temporarily disable a defender if it hits
  • If one is coming your way, press down to duck
  • Not very effective; useful mostly as an insult

Long Range

  • 10 cents
  • Only works from back court
  • Easily one of the best tactics

Time Bomb

  • 15 cents
  • The ball is da bomb!
  • Never use it against high-level CPU opponents

Back Door

  • ?? cents
  • Teammate teleports to your goal
  • Very expensive for what it does!


  • ?? cents
  • Boy is it dark in here!


  • 50 cents
  • Slot machine!
  • If a shot is sunk (this excludes a dunk!!), then the icons on the slot machine may add or (less likely) subtract points for the shot. The shot must be sunk while the reels are spinning.

Miscellaneous tactics

Bomb Squad

  • 20 cents
  • Can only be used if ball is a bomb
  • The bomb is discarded and a tip-off occurs


The section you've been waiting for. :)

Thanks to some quick ROM hacking (and playing the game), I have found the list of all the codes in the game. This means there are no codes in the game other than those in this list. As far as I know, we are the first to put a complete list of codes on the web.

Unfortunately, we're still missing two codes. furrykef has seen the CPU do them...

These codes are not cheats: the computer uses them, too! They're more like extended options and tactics. Beware that the CPU seems to have fewer reservations about using these codes if you do...

All of these codes can be confirmed with the Code Hunt in the game. :)

These were all taken from other sources; however I found from the Code Hunt feature that sometimes a code actually had extra parts at the beginning that were not part of the real code; e.g., one source gives "Short Bomb Fuse" as down, down, down, x; however, down need only be pressed twice, not three times.

The control scheme will affect how the codes work. The default:

  • turbo: L or R
  • jump: B
  • pass: Y
  • special: A
  • menu: X

"turbo*3" menas press turbo three times "menu+turbo" means press menu and turbo at the same time

Codes have to be entered quickly; practice on the Code Hunt screen.

Free codes

These codes don't cost any money to perform (hence "free codes"). These are alternate rules of the game rather than tactical tricks, however they can be selectively enabled at strategically-important points (but your opponent has the power to disable it if he knows the code).

Most of these can be cancelled by repeating the code. Pressing 'select' will have the same effect on the most recent code that YOU put in (you cannot disable your opponents' or teammate's codes this way). Almost any of these can be performed between plays or even during a tip-off.


  • All players move faster
  • jump*5, menu


  • Ball moves very slowly
  • up*4, down, menu

Happy Face

  • Number of the quarter on scoreboard replaced by smiley face
  • No practical effect known
  • up, down, left, right, menu

Trust Me!

  • Teammate will pass ball to you if you press "pass"
  • Yes, this works on human teammates!
  • pass, menu, pass, menu, pass, menu, turbo

Turn Off Dog Ball

  • Ball will no longer morph into a dog and wander when dropped
  • right*3, left*2, turbo

Turn Off Goaltending

  • No more annoying penalty for goaltending :)
  • left*2, up*2, right*2, turbo

Tactical Codes

These cost money and tend to be one-shot tactics. They are always performed while the ball is in play.

Short Bomb Fuse

  • 5 cents
  • Only works during Time Bomb
  • down*2, menu

Random Bomb Fuse

  • 5 cents
  • Only works during Time Bomb
  • down*2, up, menu

X-Ray Vision

  • 5 cents
  • Can see invisible players
  • left*2, menu


  • 5 cents
  • Your player will be briefly computer-controlled
  • menu*2, pass*2, turbo

Gimme the Ball

  • 10 cents
  • Your teammate is forced to give you the ball
  • Use against ball-hogging human teammates :)
  • turbo, pass, turbo, menu

Here Boy!

  • 10 cents
  • The Dog Ball will run to you
  • right, down, left, turbo


  • 20 cents
  • You can still be seen if opponent uses X-Ray Vision
  • menu*3, turbo


  • 30 cents
  • up*3, turbo

Super Boost

  • 35 cents
  • Go super-fast!
  • turbo*3, pass+menu

Extended Play

  • 50 cents
  • Add time to clock
  • up, right, down, left, turbo

Extended Transform

  • 50 cents
  • Make transformation times longer
  • Use before transforming (see "Transformations")
  • up, left, up, left, up, left, menu

Insane Codes

These are not tactics but still but cost money to perform. They are "insane codes" because both make the gameplay crazier!

Unlimited Turbo

  • Infinite turbo for all players
  • Expires at the end of the quarter
  • UNKNOWN CODE SEQUENCE (CPU may invoke it)

Free for All!

  • 50 cents
  • Both teams have infinite cash
  • Cannot be used in tournament (?)
  • XY, XY, XY, X+Y, Turbo. cortesy @surveysonlycf YouTube


Each costs five cents. The transformation is temporary; the time can be lengthened with the Extended Transform code These can be useful if you're in need of a skill that your current pair lacks (like 3-pointers).

By the way, you can transform into your teammate or rival, and have two (or even four!) of the same character, which is normally not allowed. But be warned that clones have the same palette as the original!

  • Sylvester: turbo*3, menu
  • Wile E.: menu, turbo*2, menu
  • Bugs: menu, turbo, menu, turbo
  • Elmer: right*2, up*2, turbo
  • Daffy: right*2, down, menu
  • Marvin: left*2, right*2, menu
  • Taz: left*3, right+turbo
  • Yosemite Sam: up*3, down*2, turbo


On the character select screen, Wile E. Coyote's name sometimes appears as "(Dunkus Maximus)".

If Wile E. Coyote's "Long Range" tactic is performed right under the opponents' hoop, the rocket will explode as soon as Wile E. lets it go. If it didn't blow up in his face, the ball will inexplicably appear above your own hoop as though it had been rocketed there in the first place (and stands a pretty good chance of going in).

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