Loons: The Fight for Fame is a cell-shaded beat'-em-up game for the Xbox based upon the classic Looney Tunes series.


Rocky and Mugsy, a pair of gangster antagonists from the Looney Tunes cartoon series, try to ruin a film studio through making extremely expensive movies so that they can buy all the studio's stock very cheaply. The two hire Yosemite Sam to be their director and prepare to try to find the worst possible actor to be the star of their movie, with the candidates for the position being the Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and the Tasmanian Devil.


  • Rocky and Mugsy: Two gangsters trying to ruin a film company so that they can buy all of its stock very cheaply.
  • Yosemite Sam: A short, red moustached man usually being Bugs Bunny's adversary. He was hired as the director of the movie
  • Bugs Bunny: A grey rabbit and well known as a modern trickster. He appears as one of the candidates for being the star of Rocky and Mugsy's movie.
  • Daffy Duck: A black-feathered duck and a "screwball" comedy character. Along with Bugs, he is one of the candidates for being the star of Rocky and Mugsy's movie.
  • Sylvester the Cat: A black and white cat who had always failed in his attempts to catch Tweety. He is also one of the candidates as star of Rocky and Mugsy's movie.
  • Tasmanian Devil: Based upon the Australian animal of the same name, the Tasmanian Devil eats everythings it comes upon. Along with the rest, he is one of the candidates for Rocky and Mugsy's movie.


  • Western saloon
  • Moon Base
  • Rocky Desert Canyon
  • Frankenstiens Castle
  • WonderLand


  • Toro the Bull
  • Gossamer


The gameplay is somewhat similar to Capcom's Power Stone games where four characters fight against each other in an arena with the aim being to knock opponents out. Each arena contains gizmos, which can be used against opponents, such as spring-loaded boxing gloves, falling anvils, and other Acme-related products.

A unique element is the star power system. Activating items and picking up scripts strewn about the arenas will fill a star meter. Attaining a full star meter can activate a minigame, most of which parody popular arcade classics such as Marvin the Martian in Galaxy Invaders parodying Space Invaders and Temple Run parodying Pac-Man. Sometimes, these serve as requirements during a one-player game mode.

The graphics utilize cel-shaded graphics.


The game was poorly received due to the graphics and gameplay. However, the voice work was highly praised.[citation needed]

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