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Lord of Ultima is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. The basic goal is to build palaces to the 8 virtues and maintain control of them long enough to build each of them to "level 10 palaces" at a single point in time. The first alliance (team of up to 100 players) to achieve this goal will get a gold crown (in-game achievement, AKA: bragging rights) to show off to other players in the game.

Some players view the game as primarily a military game, and to "win a crown" there is an obvious need to fight/defend other alliances (teams). However, there are quite a few social aspects that are as important as the PVP components. Trying to get 100 online players to work as a team is a challenge but can be the key to success in the game.

The game is free to play but it is contains a number of pay-to-win features tied to the system for items ("power ups") that make the game much faster and more competitive.

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