Lot Lot (ロットロット?)[2] is a multiplatform puzzle game developed by Japanese entertainment media company Tokuma Shoten. Tokuma Shoten got into the video game industry after the meteoric rise in popularity in Japan. They licensed the game for distribution in the arcades to Irem, while they published the game themselves on home platforms, including the Famicom. Additionally, they ported Capcom's sci-fi shooter Exed Exes to the Family Computer.

The player controls one arrow and has to move some pellets (which resemble Pachinko balls) from the upper cells (with a four-second delay) to the lower ones without having to confront an evil crab. He will grab the player's pellets and try to prevent the player from scoring with them by cutting the elastic. The crab is forced to leave the board if there are no pellets for him to find.


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