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Lucky & Wild (ラッキー&ワイルド?) is a 1992 rail shooter arcade game developed and published by Namco. The game's plot and setting resembles the 1989 American action/comedy film titled Tango & Cash.


The object of the game is to stop a bunch of criminals led by the main antagonist Big Cigar from breaking laws. The first player controls Lucky, a businessman who drives and wields a gun simultaneously, while second player controls Wild, a surfer with long blonde hair who just shoots with a gun. The game can be played in five ways (two of them official and three of them unofficial).

Official ways include:

  • Player 1 driving and shooting (single-player mode).
  • Player 1 driving and shooting with Player 2 shooting with 2nd gun (two-player mode).

Unofficial ways include:

  • Player 1 just driving while Player 2 uses 1st gun.
  • Player 1 just driving while Player 2 uses both guns.
  • Player 1 driving, Player 2 using 1st gun and Player 3 using 2nd gun, allowing 3 players.


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