Doctor Ludvig Maxis is a scientist who was part of the project known as "Der Riese" and was the father of Samantha Maxis. The player can discover information about him after activating hidden radios. He was the leader of Group 935, aiding in the creation of the Hellhounds and Zombies. Maxis never physically appears in game, but can be seen occasionally while in the teleporter. In addition, a room can be found in Der Riese labelled "L. Maxis M.D." labelled.


Doctor Maxis worked with his assistant, Edward Richtofen, at the WunderWaffe facility code named Der Riese near Breslau. He was the leader of a secret organization named Group 935. Along with the rest of Group 935, he created the Zombies, Hellhounds and the Teleporters using Element 115. He created the Ray Gun based on plans fromt Shi No Numa. As well as the 31-79 JGb215 by quotes said by Richtofen on Shangri-La. As the experiments on Der Riese continued, Maxis became worried about Richtofen he believed Richtofen was becoming a threat to him and his daughter's lives. Before the zombie outbreak Maxis was romanticly attracted to Sophia, which distracted him from his duties as the Group 935 leader. Richtofen believed Maxis was distracted and was unfit to lead Group 935 and when Richtofen learnt the he didn't keep his promise to mass-produce the Wunderwaffe DG-2 Richtofen conspired against him.

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