Luigi won a Mansion! Luigi was jumping for joy when he heard about the Mansion, but then something odd struck him, he did not enter a contest. Enclosed was a map to his gorgeous new mansion. He looks at the map, and when he believes he finds it he puts the map down, and him and the player both see a spooky looking mansion. Dead trees, crows cawing, thunder and lightning, and the music all add to the horror. Luigi cautiously walks to the mansion, taking note of his surroundings. Much his surprise, the door to the front of the mansion remains unlocked, he opens the door, peaks in and shines his flashlight. He also says "Hello" to greet anyone inside...but there is no one inside. Luigi stumbles inside, unbeknownst to him, that Mario is in danger and Luigi will have to muster up his fears to save his only brother.

Tutorial and meeting Professor E. Gadd

Now the player can take control of Luigi. Move him by using the control stick, and you can turn off the flashlight by holding the "B". The door straight across from the entrance is lined with thorns, trying to open it will cause you to lose health points. You can gauge your health points by the giant heart in the bottom-left corner. Pressing A while standing or walking, without being near anything, Luigi will yell helplessly for Mario. If he is near an object, he can open it/use it. There might be coins, hearts, or maybe even gold bars! Process upstairs, and try to unlock the double doors on the top. Closed, huh? Well, so is the door on the left. Strange. After you try to open the double doors, you hear a ghost laugh. It sounds like "Murmurmur". Proceed back down the stairs, and to the middle of the Foyer. A quick cutscene occurs. An orange ghost cloud comes from the wall, with a key in its stomach, and drops it in the middle of the Foyer. The ghost then goes into the double-door upstairs. Luigi, freaked out by this experience, can be controlled again, and you can pick the key. With this key, you can access the double doors on the 2nd floor. Luigi's hand shakes and he whimpers as he opens up the door. A cutscene is triggered. Luigi is walking through the room, shaking, mumbling, and his cold breath showing. A ghost appears and jumps at Luigi. Before it can react, Professor E. Gadd appears with a vacuum like object. He's sucking the ghost in, but he is being dragged along, and the ghost breaks free. Luigi walks over to the fallen old professor. E. Gadd jokes about him getting too old for this sort of thing. They also exchange quick greetings with each other, before being chased out by 3 orange ghosts.

Professor E. Gadd's Lab

Back at the lab, Professor E. Gadd and Luigi talk about what recently happen. Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi that a similar looking fellow wearing red came by, just like Luigi, and went into the Mansion, but never came back out.

Area One: Baby Blues

3 Major Bosses are in this level - a family of 3: a mother, father, and a baby.


When you get back from the Lab and training, you now have the Poltergeist 3000, a ghost sucking mechanism. There is a crying toad near the table on the left side, comfort him and you'll be able to save your game. Do this for every toad you see, as they will do the same thing. Make sure you check the vases, and blow anything from the light fixtures, as they can generate goodies such as hearts, or money. There should be a trail of coins on the 2nd floor of the Foyer, suck them up. Proceed to the doors at the top, right in the middle.


The only thing keeping this room from being infested with ghosts, is the 2 lit candles on the other side. Make sure you search everything before you put out the candles. Some of the cabinets will give coins/dollars. Proceed to blow out the candles. The portraits around Luigi will start to glow, rattle, and shake and begin to talk, one mentioning how a little red guy that looks like Luigi has already met his fate. The lights go out and an orange ghost appears! Quick! Shine your flashlight on the bugger to stun him. Now use the R button and wipe him out. The Orange ghosts are the weak, only 10 HP. Continue defeating the Orange ghosts until the lights go on and a chest appears in the middle of the room. The key unlocks the Anteroom at the end of the room on the right side. Make sure you search everywhere for hearts and loot, as it may not be available in the future!

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