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An early source of helium-3, Luna is now mined for minerals used in space habitat construction. Two dozen major stations have been constructed at Earth's L4 and L5 Lagrange points, all from lunar resources.

Note: The Mako can land here. A crashed probe can be salvaged here.
Facts about "Luna"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
CapitalArmstrong +
Colony Founded2069 +
Day Length27.3 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameLuna +
ElementLocation + and Lore +
GamesMass Effect +
NameLuna +
NamePageLuna +
NamesLuna +
Orbital Distance384,403 km +
PageNameLuna +
PageTypeElement +
Population4,100,000 +
Radius1,737 km +
Surface Temperature220.15 K (-53 °C, -63.4 °F, 396.27 °R) +

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