Luneth from Final Fantasy III DS

Game Series Final Fantasy series
First Appearance Final Fantasy III (DS version)
Species: Human
Age: about 15-17
Gender: Male
Family: Topapa, Nina (adopted parents)
Home: Ur

Luneth is the protagonist and an orphan who was raised at the remote village of Ur by the priest, Topapa.

When a massive earthquake happens, Luneth goes to investigate. He falls through a hole in the cave to the north of the village and eventually stumbles upon the magical Wind Crystal. The Crystal tells him of his identity as one of the chosen Warriors of the Light, and his duty to gather three other individuals who share his destiny to save the world from eternal darkness. Thus, Luneth sets out on his journey.

Curious, positive, and clever, Luneth demonstrates his ability to support others during times of crisis. Keeper of the light of courage, he is brave in speech, but there are times he will regret what he says. Even so, he is always responsible for what comes out of his mouth, and would fight until the end to deliver his promises. Also a great mood maker who can cheer up others, Luneth serves as the leader of the party.

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