Lunia: Record of Lunia War (often referred to simply as Lunia) is a pseudo-3D, isometric Massive Multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Korean company allm, and published in North America by ijji, in Europe by OGPlanet, in Taiwan by Chinese Gamer, in South Korea by Nexon and in Brazil by Level Up! Games.[1] Lunia's global release was being run by CDC Games USA at their 12FootTall game portal, but has since been moved to ijji.[2] The game aims to offer a new style of game play differing from most MMORPGs by mixing elements of action games and RPGs together.[3]

Gameplay Edit

Lunia, in contrast to many MMORPGs currently on the market, is played much like an action arcade game. The player is free to move around in-game using the arrow keys or a game-pad rather than a mouse cursor (freeing the user from the typical point and click method). Instead of clicking on an enemy to attack, varying attacks are launched by pressing combinations of two attack buttons and the space bar. The two attack keys act as a normal attack and a class-specific attack. The space bar is used as the down attack/finisher against opponents who are on the ground. Attacks can be chained together into combos, which are based on the timing, combination, and order of the attack buttons pressed. In addition, special skills and items can be assigned to hotkeys to be used more conveniently as separate attacks or in combos. Lunia does not restrict its skill hotkeys to the function keys (F1-F9) which allows the user to fully customize and adapt the game controls to his/her liking. The current maximum character level is 99.

PvP Edit

Lunia offers several player versus player (PvP) arenas that allow 1 on 1 to 8 on 8 combat. Additionally, it offers 4 different types of channels; balance, free, rebirth and beginner. Allm has stated plans to eventually support 16 on 16 matches. Some PvP arenas are offered seasonally like the unique Snowman Fight which allows players to don Snowman suits and fight each other with whimsical snowballs of various sizes and special effects. Other PvP areas include battle areas where players are forced into a 1 on 1 match using teams and a tournament style of teams.

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Lunia's international version offers four core character classes free to play. This includes Sieg the Knight, Eir the Healer, Dainn the Wizard and Tia the Thief. There are numerous unlockable classes as well. Although similar, each presents a different style of game play. Character abilities can be customized through the use of skill points that the player earns when attaining a new level.

Since the game's release, several new classes have been added to Lunia. Additional characters can be unlocked through an in-game quest, or through purchase on the ijji store, such as Lime, Ryan Hunt, Dacy Dalstrin, Arien, Asuka, and more with the exception of Dark Eir and Arta Lorraine, which can be played for free.


Lunia: Record of Lunia War consists of a series of storyline "arcs," which are groups of 7 episodes that are tied together in a plot. Episodes are groups of 10 stages, which are the levels in Lunia. Each episode has a different setting, and the setting changes slightly about halfway through each episode. For example, Episode 1 starts out with the players traversing through plains, and later progresses into a forest. Episode 2 has the players starting on a snow-capped mountain traveling through a winter village, and eventually making their way into an icy cave. Each episode has a "Legend" counterpart, which is the "hard mode" of Lunia. While stages remain vastly the same in essence, the enemies encountered are far stronger and sometimes have new partners. Sometimes, even the boss fights are changed. Currently the North America version of Lunia has 7 episodes, which totals to 13, including Legend stages however Episode 7 does not have a legend stage. However, the Japanese and Korean versions of Lunia also currently have 7 episodes. The 7 episodes are followed by Myth mode, which is a continuation of the story 2 years after the ending of Episode 6. Lunia also features several side stages that offer players several mini-adventures.

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