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Mōryō Senki MADARA 2 (魍魎戦記 MADARA 2?)[1] is a Super Famicom adventure game that is set partly in the 20th century and partly in medieval Japan.[1] The player controls a teenager named Kamishiro and his girlfriend Subaru and they must explore an authentic shrine.[1] While exploring, he is transported into an alternative universe full of creatures from Japanese mythology that he must help Madara defeat.[1] Characters from the manga series that the video game is based on can be met including Madara's brother and his rival Kage-ou.[1] This game was released exclusively in Japan and was never released in either North America or Europe.


The player must attend school until he discovers the haunted shrine. After entering the haunted shrine, the game proceeds like a normal adventure game. Monsters include rats, blobs, and other nasty creatures. Talking to normal people on the street gives out clues that the player must piece together in order to solve the quest. Automobiles are seen, but they cannot be driven during the course of the game. Kamishiro can use swords that can deliver a moderate amount of damage to the rats and blobs that the player confronts near the beginning of the game.[1]


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