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M.I.A.: Missing in Action is a first-person shooter computer game. It was developed by Burut.

Game Features

  • Realistic recreation of up-to-date war conflicts in all aspects, including engineering, weapon and surrounding
  • Tactically-behaving opponents' AI
  • Tangled spy story
  • Different types of physically realistic weapons
  • Integrated mini-games: sniper shooting range, shooting with tank gun, simulated team play etc.
  • Weapons include: Pop gun, a Maori Putu, Adolf Hitler's tooth brush and many more
  • Dine in and enjoy sumptuous three course meals at some of the finest Cafe bistro's in Paris
  • Possibly the worlds first shooter game that revolves around the night time antics of notorious Trans Sexual crime boss Francis "Fatty" MaloneTemplate:Fps-videogame-stub

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