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M. Bison

M. Bison, apparently floating

Game Series Street Fighter series
First Appearance Street Fighter II
Japanese Name: Vega (ベガ, Bega)
Affiliation: Shadaloo
Position: Leader
Rank: Leader
Gender: Male
Power: Psycho Power

M. Bison is a character in the Street Fighter series. He was a Cambodian dictator who ran the underground organization Shadaloo. He was the boss character in the Street Fighter II, Alpha, and EX series.

Name Change

His name, as well as those of Vega and Balrog have been switched around in the Japan and NA/EU versions.
Japanese Version => North American/European Version
M. Bison => Balrog, the boxer
Balrog => Vega, the claw-wielding bullfighter
Vega => M. Bison, the dictator.


Special Moves

  • Psycho Crusher
  • Scissors Kick / Double Knee Press
  • Head Stomp
  • Flying Psycho Fist
  • Psycho Shot
  • Bison Warp

Super Combos

  • Knee Press Nightmare
  • Psycho Crusher
  • Psycho Cannon

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