MAGI is a game of magical duels between powerful wizards.

MAGI is a real time strategy with a strong RPG element, yet it is very different from other games of that genres. Actually it's a genre of its own. In MAGI, the player creates a wizard (choosing from various available classes, attributes and styles) and starts dueling other mages in a never-ending pursuit for the power and immortality. Casting powerful spells, conjuring fiery projectiles, summoning mythical creatures and calling spirits to curse the opponent, are the common ways to victory in MAGI. But nothing is eternal - years pass and every mage is bound to meet the final opponent - the Death herself. Will the player be prepared for this last showdown? Will the magic and wits be enough to overcome the mortality?

MAGI offers a quick, intensive, and easy-to-learn strategic gameplay. Duels are relatively short and very dynamic. There are many different tactics and characters to try. Wide variety of spells and special abilities can be used, each having its own advantages and special properties. Game was heavily balanced to ensure that every single spell and tactical approach has some strong and weak points. The player is able to further develop the wizard, with the experience gained from dueling, allowing for even better customisation of the character and the strategy. The difficulty and the opponent's AI quality adjusts dynamically to the gamer's actual skills, making the game challenging for the competitive players, while it's also simple and relaxing for the more casual ones.

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