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The MFSU is capable of taking both High and Extreme Voltage EU inputs, and is capable of storing 10,000,000 EU. The MFSU can accept inputs from the 5 unmarked faces; the marked face (with a circle, as illustrated in the image in the side pane) has to serve as the output. The output location can be changed with a Wrench.


IngredientsCrafting Recipe
Lapotron Crystal +
Advanced Circuit +
Advanced Machine Block
Lapotron Crystal (IC2) Advanced Circuit (IC2) Lapotron Crystal (IC2) Grid layout Arrow (small) 32x32px
Lapotron Crystal (IC2) MFE (IC2) Lapotron Crystal (IC2)
Lapotron Crystal (IC2) Advanced Machine Block (IC2) Lapotron Crystal (IC2)

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