MISoft Studios is an independent computer game development studio located in Binghamton, New York. MISoft creates games solely for the PC platform using development tools created by The Game Creators, including DarkBASIC Professional and FPS Creator.

Early history

MISoft Studios was founded by Matt Terzi and Colin Zeidenstein- Wilson in 1999. They had originally planned for MISoft Studios to be a game design company, but on May 10, 2003, they changed their direction to start making computer games. They started developing a massively-multiplayer online game, but scrapped the project in 2005 to work on several other games.[1]

MISoft Studios developed a few contracted games for various small, family-owned companies and websites, including “The Early America Quiz” game for the “Early America” website,[2] which was the last game or application of this type that MISoft has made to date.


“Cheney Hunter” and “Pod 9” MISoft Studios’ first publicly released game was a freeware title called “Cheney Hunter.” It was released February 16, 2006.[3] The game was an homage to the classic [Nintendo] game [Duck Hunt], and was a comic reenactment of the famous incident where Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend, Harry Whittington, on a hunting trip.

Exactly one year later on February 16, 2007, MISoft Studios released its second game, a First-Person Shooter game called “Pod 9.”[4] This game was also freeware, and told the story of a spaceship attacked by extraterrestrial pirates, and an engineer who must escape the ship through an escape pod located somewhere inside the ship.

Eternal Equinox On May 18, 2007, MISoft Studios released its third game, Eternal Equinox [5]. It was MISoft Studios' first commercial game, sold only digitally through their website. Eternal Equinox is an interactive fiction or “text adventure” game that tells the story of a villager whose island is threatened by a powerful tsunami. To save his people, the islander must find and use a magic artifact called “The Hoto.” Eternal Equinox was the first MISoft Studios game to receive media attention, receiving a review and score of 95 out of 100 from the independent game blog “Little Bright Dots”,[6] and a review and score of 7.5 out of 10 from the entertainment website “Just Press Play”.[7]


MINet is the name of MISoft Studios' website. It has been recently updated by Silver-Dawn webdesigner [8] Adam Dunne for an undisclosed wager and is now unofficially dubbed MINet 2.0. The improvements included a more distinguished look, easier navigation and according to some, for the first time in MINet's history, a bearable colourscheme.

Announced Plans

MISoft Studios has announced publicly that it plans to legally register as a company in the United States in 2008.[9] They have announced a new game under development, called Real Estate Magnate, a business simulator game based on the real estate industry. It is scheduled for release in February or March 2008.[10] Also, they’ve announced a game called Capital Punishment, a 2D comedy fighting game based on U.S. political figures, including politicians and media personalities. Capital Punishment will use caricaturized heads of these personalities, and is scheduled for release July 4, 2008.[11]


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