MLG Orlando 2009 is the first competition of professional players video game. Games participants are Halo 3, World at Warcraft and Gears of War 2. Capture the Flag is present in all games and only one team will win the tournament for each game. The tickets have been sold.


01/08 - First Day

The doors to those who bought ticket open path

Individuals and teams have entered and are preparing for battle. The war continues with 3 sets of action.

01/10 - Third Day

Hall of Champions

Five Regular Season competitions and countless hours of relentless practice all came down to this – The 2009 MLG National Championships. All of the world’s greatest players showed up in Orlando this weekend to prove their dominance. This tournament provided one last chance for everyone to stake their claim on the National Championship title and a spot in MLG history alongside the most storied names in competitive gaming. The following pages hold all of the prize winners of the 2009 MLG National Championships and the Orlando EA SPORTS Challenge. Congratulations to all of the winners, and get ready for 2010.

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